November 30, 2023

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This must mean something too

This must mean something too

Eight quarters of football were solid to great, four were less than excellent. 2-1 looks right…to the black!

That’s one way to look at it.

Jerry is from Las Cruces, New Mexico

Wow, it’s going to be a fun and interesting year.

Rachel is from Minneapolis, MN

Is this why you disqualified any requests sent during the game? This team believes that your Saturday inbox address looks correct.

Good morning second. Losing four of your five most important starters on offense plus a career defensive back before the game, and then losing two key contributors on defense during the game — which is tough enough. Then add four bad football quarters in a row. Mike and Wes, you both wanted to withhold judgment on both Love and this team until we see how they react to adversity. If that’s not an answer then I don’t know what is. Pleased and proud.

I’m still trying to understand that game. I’ve seen a lot of comebacks in my day, by good guys and bad guys. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen there be no legitimate reason to believe it. zero. nothing. no one. This fourth quarter offensively was as far from anywhere as anything I’ve ever experienced. When I think about 26-3 in Dallas with a backup QB 10 years ago, I remember Lacy’s big run on the first play of the second half, a comeback that offered some hope. this? I admit that this team is safer than I thought.

great talk. They didn’t have that quality last week, but every game is a new game. There’s a lot to worry about in the first three quarters, especially the shootout. To say the crime was “quiet” is putting it too kindly. But these are the types of games that bring teams together. I said after last week that they have to make failure mean something. This must mean something too.

amazing! How did this happen?!?

I don’t know, Margo. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But honestly, I’m not sure. The back-to-back DPIs of 67 yards was the first time I thought, well, maybe They got a shot. Before that? Crime can’t get out of its own way. I don’t know how they review and try to fix everything before Thursday. I don’t think they can. But I know this team is going to show up and play. For 60 minutes.

It seemed unfair for the Packers to have to go to him again on a last-minute drive after going ahead with the drive they had just completed. Then, Saints’ kick went wide and it seemed like the football gods had agreed with me. Thank God for that. There was a lot to clean up, but it was nice to get that one-point win. I also love the ability that love has shown; He just doesn’t feel overwhelmed and doesn’t give up. Clements’ arrival last year certainly helped, would you agree?

Baseball HOFer Reggie Jackson once had a game where he hit four home runs but also hit a grand slam. And then he quipped, “I don’t know if it’s a good day or a bad day!” I can’t think of a better way to describe this Packers game. Terrible play across the board and even more stupid penalties in the first three quarters, followed by an inspiring comeback and victory in the fourth quarter. As exciting as it was, I’m sorry – we have to play better than this if we want to compete this year!

No one denies that. It’s hard to see the Packers pulling off this comeback if the Saints don’t lose their starting center, but the injuries Green Bay is dealing with are also massive. That’s how this game goes. Leading 24-12 doesn’t mean squatting if you can’t finish. A 17-0 deficit is surmountable if you can put it together in crunch time. It’s all a learning experience, but I want to see the Packers with their best players sometime soon here.