December 3, 2023

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Today’s dollar, today’s blue dollar: How much is trading this Wednesday, September 27

Today’s dollar, today’s blue dollar: How much is trading this Wednesday, September 27

The Interest rate For those who wish to deposit their pesos in September a Fixed term It is 118 percent. Thus, if the money is invested for one year, the increase equals an effective annual rate of 208.2 percent. Meanwhile, the monthly performance rate was 9.7 percent.

You can consult this note from LA NACION Simulator Find out how much money you can make with a Fixed term in pesos for 30 days with Interest rate 118 percent.

from Demonetization After the results, the government applied PassedHe Savings or unity dollar It is expensive. It is an exchange rate that is accessible only to a fraction of the population with active operations in the country. Single and Free Transfer Market (MULC) By Bank Or Home Bank.

To calculate the price, it is necessary to take its value retail dollar and apply a surcharge of 30 percent Country tax And a 45 percent cash on account Profit. In this way, its price remained at the same level Dollar card.

Today the Dollar savings Listed at $642.22.

According to him National Bank, the US currency is steady and running at $365.50 for selling and $347.50 for buying. He Officer Then there is that value Demonetization Based on the results carried out by Govt Passed.

Movements of the official dollar at the beginning of the exchange dayarchive

Also known as “Solid”, currency received by buyers of official currency for savings or tourism. To know its price, at Official retail dollar 30 per cent related to PAIS tax and a further 45 per cent to be added to the profit account. Only a few can afford it Dollars At this price, and can buy up to US$200 per month.

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Buy without VAT The scheme offers a refund of 21 per cent of value added tax to buyers who meet certain requirements. Basic basket By Debt. Beneficiaries of this refund:

Ethereum (ETH), the Cryptocurrency from the platform Ethereum, trading today at US$1632.98. This is the second one Digital currency High market capitalization and one Blockchain Used for DeFi (decentralized finance) and NFT (unique and non-repeatable digital assets, increasingly used for digital artworks).

If a person does not have acquisition access Dollar savings That’s because it’s in one of these groups:

On Tuesday, informal currency was issued An increase of 13 cents. In that way, the The dollar is blue It closed at $752 to buy and $758 to sell.

There are many options to get in Argentina American currency Directly and indirectly through BanksThe Pie and platforms exchange.

In this note from LA NACION you can consult the various current alternatives Make a dollarconsider Citation Types.

Because of the exchange rate, Argentines are looking for other ways to dollarize

The Services Streaming From foreign providers (like Netflix, HBO, Spotify and Amazon Prime) US$300 allocationHence the value badge What is paid for this depends on the final consumption level for the month.

Unlike the rest of the quotes, this option is continuously active and does not stop regardless of times, weekends or exchange holidays. It is accessed through exchange platforms where you can exchange stablecoins called stablecoins against the dollar, among other currencies.

As stated therein National Institute of Statistics and Census (INTEC)The inflammation It rose to 12.4 percent in August and was the highest in more than 30 years. It was only after that that this drastic price hike took place Strong devaluation What the government did about weight and Dollar jump After STEP electionsIn addition to generalization Country tax For imports used at the end of July.

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Economy in Crisis: Inflation Rises, Dollar Rises

He retail dollarControlled by Central Bank (BCRA), this Tuesday was stable and operated at $347.50 for buys and $365.50 for sells. He Officer Then there is that value Strong devaluation Based on the results carried out by Govt Passed.


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