November 30, 2023

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A British pilot has been fired for ingesting cocaine from a woman’s breasts minutes before taking off on a commercial flight.

A British pilot has been fired for ingesting cocaine from a woman’s breasts minutes before taking off on a commercial flight.
File photo. A British Airways flight at Heathrow Airport, London, United Kingdom. May 17, 2021. REUTERS/John Sibley

A British Airways pilot has been fired after admitting to a colleague that he had used cocaine at a party in South Africa, minutes before taking off for London.. The man, identified as Mike Beaton, had been involved in a night of binges involving alcohol, drugs and women, the British newspaper revealed. the sun.

Beaton shared details of his behavior in text messages with a flight attendant, which eventually led to his termination. The flight was canceled, resulting in a loss of approximately $120,000 to the airline. After coming to London, Peyton was subjected to a drug test, which came back positive..

Beaton was about to fly from South Africa to London when a flight attendant, concerned about what had happened and the pilot’s condition, raised the alarm.

Beaton, who is married and the father of a son, had a day off in Johannesburg which he abused for one night. However, he had a 12-hour flight the next day. The incident took place four weeks ago in the South African capital.

Mike Beaton, the pilot who was fired by the company

As British media revealed, Beaton bragged about what happened and told a flight attendant via text message. “I was a very naughty boy,” he wrote in one. The pilot met two South Africans, a woman from Wales and a young Spaniard, in a nightclub in Johannesburg. After several drinks, the fun continued, The Behind the partyIn the apartment of a South African.

Abuse in the sector was rampant: cocaine was plentiful and women were Topless That they dance. The pilot wrote to his colleague:I lost my shirt somewhere and one of the local guys pulled out a plate with a few lines of Coke. Then there was the debate about which breasts were best for pumping”.

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And he triumphantly added: “It’s a story about how I snorted coke off a woman’s chest in Johannesburg.”

The pilot later admitted how the extreme night had affected him. “I spent the night with a Welsh girl but I screwed up with her (I think the coke played a part) and then I was so screwed I couldn’t hold my head up after 2am..”

FILE PHOTO: A British Airways Boeing 747 takes off over London Heathrow Airport, Britain on October 8, 2020. REUTERS/Toby Melville/File Photo

Beaton worked for British Airways, which fired him after the scandal. A company source said the sun Shocked by their ex-employee’s behavior.

“Among such bad behavior between aircraft, this incident is hard to believe. A first officer receives rigorous training and knows the law inside out. Its purpose is to protect the safety of passengers“The proof was added to the British newspaper.

“This behavior is the opposite of what is expected of British Airways pilots. The airline is in shock. “The idea of ​​sending the details of your drinking and drug session to a flight attendant between flights is extraordinary,” he continued.

He concluded: “Furious managers followed protocol and the pilot was drug tested on his return to the UK. No more alcohol was found in his system, but Class A drugs. He will never fly again.