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Origin of Flea: Unreleased photos from Halloween party where Lionel Messi’s nickname was born

Origin of Flea: Unreleased photos from Halloween party where Lionel Messi’s nickname was born

(Special Envoys for Rosario) As the saying goes “good things come in small bottles”. At the age of nine, Lionel Messi He was only one meter and ten centimeters tall, but in his DNA was an indescribable talent for the 7,100 languages ​​spoken in the world. Small, fast, with amazing technique, he sneaks between the opponents, takes the ball from them, then settles before their eyes with a target like an insect, like a flea. TN Accessed an unpublished document which proves its origin flea Biggest on the planet.

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The origin of the nickname of the world champion, which today celebrates one year of its great consecration, is located meters from the birthplace of Messi, in the southern part of the city of Rosario, more precisely on Israel Street. At that height, the lane is so narrow that it is about five meters wide and 25 meters long, through which two cars cannot pass abreast. Live there CarlosKnown to everyone as “El Sotero” and Leo’s friend since childhood. He is tasked with uncovering a never-before-seen treasure.

This is how La Pulga was born: Carlos, known as “El Sotero”, described the origin of Lionel Messi’s nickname.

Origin of the World’s Largest Flea: A Halloween Night

Carlos remembers the night he saw Messi dressed as a flea for Halloween at the door of his home on State of Israel Street. “We celebrated in my garage with my kids for Halloween and Leo’s brothers came over. You could say that the nickname Flea was born from that night, and it certainly was,” explained Carlos. TN

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“He was always small, short. The nickname Flea always came from here, I don’t know how it got to Barcelona or maybe it was a coincidence, but According to this photo I have, this is where the flea came from“The person who showed the pictures said it was like holding a work of art that needed to be protected.

Messi dressed as a flea for a Halloween party in Rosario (Photo: TN)

Messi dressed as a flea for a Halloween party in Rosario (Photo: TN)

Lionel Messi, the boy who never gave up his ball

Carlos was one of those lucky enough to see Messi’s first steps with the ball connected to his feet: “Leo played all over the block, he carried the ball everywhere. He was passionate about everything he did. I think when Leo was a boy, it was probably midnight and he was alone with the ball. All was quiet. Soccer ball was his favorite.

“The window in his house is always open: he jumps out and comes out with the ball. Sometimes, when the garbage comes to collect, he says, ‘Leo, inside’ and leaves. It seems that the mother is very tired and has fallen asleep. The ball for Leo escaped,” he added. .

Sotero’s son became a good friend of Leo’s, and the two of them met in the garage of the family home: “We prepared something for him to eat so that they could have a good time. They were so much fun. Leo and his brothers enjoyed everything. They belonged to another generation, they were simple, they were a little satisfied.”.

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Messi yesterday, today and forever: “The only thing that matters to him is playing football”

Several times, Carlos met little Messi at the Ñaró club in Rosario. There, the boy, accompanied by his cousin, already showed his irreverence and personality: Yes or yes I should be in sports.

“If I didn’t play, he would whine and burst into tears. One time I put it on and they couldn’t stop him from beating him. A friend who was a giant grabbed him by the waist and put him on stage and said, ‘I don’t want you to move from here any more.’ I let him play. I told him, ‘Leo, don’t pay attention to him, he’s making fun of you,’ and he came in,” Sodero recalled from State of Israel Street.

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Years passed: Messi left Rosario, ended up in Barcelona Time made it the largest flea in the world. The consecration in Qatar confirmed it: a boy who gave Argentina the most important sporting joy in recent decades, dressed in a children’s party.

Messi’s last photo before his first trip to Barcelona. (Courtesy: TN)

“We love Leo, he’s always been a good person, a simple and low-profile guy. We know him as an adult, facing the cameras, but before him the only thing that matters is playing football. If he returns to Rosario – I think he will – we will all continue to love him here.”, highlighted Messi’s neighbor Carlos, El Sotero. Let it be so.

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