March 4, 2024

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Trick to save 30% petrol in car

Trick to save 30% petrol in car

When this function is activated, 30% of fuel can be saved. What does this button do? This prevents outside air from entering the cabin, and when the air conditioning is on, it works with the already cold air, allowing it to cool down faster. This means less effort on the air conditioning compressor. In turn, this reduces the load on the engine and hence the fuel consumption.

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As the outside temperature rises, the car's air conditioning system works harder., and -of course- more gasoline is consumed. So, especially on hot days, it's a good idea to activate the air conditioning recirculation button because it eliminates the need to cool the outside air.

In addition to being an effective method of maintaining the vehicle's air conditioning and regulating gasoline consumption, this button prevents the entry of odors, dust or harmful substances. such as gases or toxic air inside the cabin.

Air conditioning recycle button.jpg

Air conditioning recirculation button.

What is an air conditioning recycle button?

The air conditioning recirculation button is located on the center console, Between the air conditioning controls. It is easy to identify because it usually has the silhouette of a car with a rotating inner arrow.

When should the air conditioning recycle button be used?

There is one thing to be clear, The secret car button trick to save gas has its fine print. This is especially useful on hot days, where the outside air quality is poor, or where the tank is low on fuel and the nearest gas station is far away, misusing this feature can be a mistake.

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When not to implement air recirculation?

Air recirculation should not be activated when the outside temperature is too low. This is because air condensation can occur inside, and as a result, the windows can fog up and obscure the driver's view.

It should also be considered that recirculating the same air multiple times is not ideal for car commuters. Because carbon dioxide and other pollutants accumulate in the environment.

and constant air recirculation will increase the concentration of particulate matter in the air, It can be harmful to health, especially for people with respiratory problems. Some experts, driving manuals and special sites argue that prolonged use of the same air can cause loss of concentration levels and even drowsiness.

How to use the air recirculation button?

It is best to limit the activity to about 10 minutes, switching to a conditioning mode that receives air from outside the car. Another key to making this trick work is to keep the car's filters in good condition and replace them when needed. Otherwise, they become breeding grounds for bacteria inhaled by vehicle occupants.

It is important to note that it is not good to smoke inside the car. The tobacco smoke is placed in the conditioning system, mixes with the air, and is then recirculated into the cabin. It is harmful to health and creates foul smell.