November 30, 2023

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Ukraine announced the recapture of 8 cities occupied by Russia in the south of the region

Ukraine announced the recapture of 8 cities occupied by Russia in the south of the region
Ukraine announced the recapture of 8 cities occupied by Russia in the south of the region. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky, File)

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hannah Maliarannounced Monday on the National Television News Service Ukrainian forces Totally recovered 113 kilometers Since the squares in the south of the country launched their counter-offensive two weeks ago.

“On the directions of offensive operations in two weeks Berdiansk And Melitopol8 towns have been liberated,” Maliar said, including Piatijatki in the southeastern province. Zaporizhzhya A list of restored cities was released over the weekend.

The Deputy Minister explained that there are Ukrainian forces in that part of the country managed to push back the Russian aggressors A distance of 7 km in a straight line. “The published area in the south is 113 square kilometers,” Maliar added.

The Ukrainian politician added that fighting continues in the eastern province Donetsk, the other area where Ukraine is launching its counterattack. In BagmuthHe confirmed that Russia continues to amass troops to block Ukrainian advances on the flanks.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

In the Liman-Kubyansk Avdiivka and Maringa areas in the east, Russia has failed to push back Ukrainian troops, the deputy minister said.

Russia has lost more than 4,600 men in the past week, and between the dead and wounded, Maliar assured Ukraine, “more than 80 aggressor fighters” have been captured.

“Our armed forces destroyed helicopters, tanks, ‘howitzer’ (rocket launchers), anti-tank missile systems and more than 400 units of weapons and ammunition of the enemy,” the Ukrainian deputy minister concluded.

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The Ukrainian Air Force was launched this Sunday 14 attacks against areas where Russian personnel are concentrated.

“In the last day, Air Transport of the Defense Forces carried out 14 airstrikes against areas where enemy soldiers are concentrated. Our defenders also destroyed 2 anti-aircraft missile systems”, said the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Since the counteroffensive began two weeks ago, the Kremlin’s army has been forced to retreat at least 7 kilometers, Kyiv’s Defense Ministry said. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

By the end of the week, the “missile and artillery units had reached 3 command posts2 Staff gathering areas, 5 ammunition depots and 3 artillery units in firing positions”.

while, Russia launched 43 air strikes and 4 missile strikesand fired from multiple missile rocket systems on 51 occasions against Ukrainian troop positions and populated areas, the military statement noted.

It noted that Russian forces were concentrating their main efforts on the Liman, Bagmut, Avdiyivka and Maringa fronts, with 26 skirmishes in the last day.

Russia and Ukraine are affected Huge military losses The Ukrainian military is trying to push Kremlin forces out of occupied territories in the early stages of their counteroffensive, British intelligence officials said on Sunday.

Britain’s Ministry of Defense has confirmed heavy fighting on the front lines in eastern Ukraine in recent days, following a resurgence of military activity since Russia launched a counteroffensive against Ukrainian forces last week.

As per his latest assessment of the conflict, he posted on his Twitter account, “The most intense fighting is taking place in Zaporizhia, west of Donetsk Oblast and around Bagmut”, the city where Ukrainian and Russian forces have fought in blood and fire in recent months.

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