September 27, 2023

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Ukraine confirms drone strikes against Moscow and Crimea – DW – 07/24/2023

Ukraine confirms drone strikes against Moscow and Crimea – DW – 07/24/2023

“Drones have attacked the orcs’ capital at dawn today Crimea“, Fedorov, who is responsible for an ambitious plan to supply drones to the Ukrainian military, wrote on his Telegram account, using the derogatory word many Ukrainians use to refer to Russians in the war.

Fedorov said Russian anti-aircraft defense and electronic systems are “less capable of protecting” Russian airspace, and closed his grim message by predicting future similar attacks: “There will be more of this.”

Ukraine’s digital transformation minister is leading an initiative aimed at building and buying thousands of drones with private donations to boost the kyiv military’s capabilities in this war. Long-range drones are a priority of this project.

This latest attack on a weapons depot in Crimea comes after two other linked munitions depots were attacked on the peninsula. Russia, one in the central region and one in the south, causing multiple days of explosive explosions. The Ukrainian military claimed responsibility for both attacks.

A damaged roof of a building on Komsomolsky Prospekt after a Ukrainian drone strike.Photo: Valery Sharibulin/Daz/DPA/Image Alliance

Last night’s attacks Against the Crimea And Against Moscow They occur even after Russia strikes almost daily The city and ports of Odessa and its surroundings In the last week.

After yesterday’s missile attack in the city, President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed revengeHe described it as an act of Russian terrorism.

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