March 24, 2023

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Ukraine has said it has “neither denied nor confirmed” the alleged attack on a gas depot in Russia.

Russia has accused Ukraine of attacking an oil depot on the outskirts of the Russian city of Belgorod (REUTERS) on Friday.

Alexander MotusyanikSpokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine He declined to comment on Russian allegations of an attack by Ukrainian helicopters on a gas station in Belgorod.Southern Russia.

I would like to emphasize that Ukraine is conducting a defensive operation against Russian occupation of Ukrainian territory.“, He said in a television statement.

He added: “This does not mean that Ukraine should be held responsible for every miscalculation or event or disaster that occurs in the territory of the Russian Federation. This is not the first time we have seen such allegations. Therefore, I will not confirm or deny this information“, He said.

Russia on Friday accused Ukraine of attacking an oil depot outside the Russian city of Belgorod.Next to the Russian-Ukrainian border, a major fire broke out.

The alleged attack on a fuel depot in Russia
Ukraine has said it has “neither denied nor confirmed” the alleged attack on a gas depot in Russia (REUTERS).

The fire at the oil depot was the result of an airstrike by two Ukrainian armed helicopters entering Russian territory at low altitude. There were no casualtiesAnnounced by the Governor of Belgorod. Vyasaslav GladkovCited by Russian agencies, two of whom were injured.

The alleged attack has not been denied or confirmed by Ukraine Experts are examining whether this is a “false flag” operation planned by Moscow to put an end to peace talks. They maintain with the kyiv government.

Emergency service officials said The fire spread to eight fuel tanksThey each have a capacity of 2,000 cubic meters.

Russia says Ukrainian helicopters have crossed the border and attacked a fuel depot

There is a risk of the fire spreading further”, Said a source quoted by the official Russian company TossHe noted that there are a total of 27 tanks in the oil deposit area, 14 of which were affected by fire.

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This was stated by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations About 170 firefighters and fire trucks are involved in putting out the blaze.

Belgorod is located 30 kilometers from the Ukrainian border and 70 kilometers from Kharkiv.The most important city in eastern Ukraine has been besieged by Russia since February 24.

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