March 27, 2023

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The legendary bar that became the king of the latter office is closed and today a second wind blows

“We’re back! We’re starting again The KilkennyThis place we opened in 1998, I’m already moved by the reaction of the people, “said Roberto Amitrano. Irish Pub Buenos Aires is not only resuming operations at Microcentro Revived by the hand of its original founders.

Word The Kilkenny I.e. Robert Amitrano. Today it is the symbol of the gastronomic field, but with a past that has nothing to do with that industry. “I had a different life, doing film and advertising for fifteen years”, details. He then moved to Europe: “I lived in Zurich, Switzerland, where I worked in a distillery. That’s where the Guinness beer people invited me to come to headquarters in Dublin. Ireland”.

They educated me there, they trained me in everything related to beer so I could open a bar here. They told me that we give everything except money to do it. Settled, Amitrano returns to Argentina: “In 1997 I went back to looking for investors. The situation was better and we were together for the dollar. That’s the moment. “

In 1998, The Kilkenny was a fact and office staff broke it down Thanks: The Kilkenny

In 1998 The Kilkenny That is a fact. Roberto is the head of the project, an employee of a public limited company, which Irish Pub. However, the “green mind” is no stranger to him. “I attended an Irish school and I was always connected to the community by Harlingham Club rugby – he pronounces carefully in English accent – my kids played in San Siro, I lived in Great Britain and Ireland”.

Since it opened The Kilkenny Beat her: “I do not know if people needed it or not, if they wanted it. But the Feast of St. Patrick I did not find, it has always been a pillar of the Irish community (with 550,000, estimated to be the first community of descendants in a non – English speaking country Argentina) “, he cuts short. Although he cares Boom As the street was cut off: “The first year I did it, it exploded in my face. In 2002 there were about 60,000 people drinking at that place! Only years later will Reconcista Street become a pedestrian street.

Kilkenny, in its glorious years, was forced to recalculate it before the epidemic.
Kilkenny, in its glorious years, was forced to recalculate it before the epidemic. Thanks: The Kilkenny

Despite the unusual location – “It was a black hole when we started this night” –, Betting on microcentro is not random. When open, The Kilkenny I already had another one Irish Pub Nearby: Downtown Matthias. “The choice of location is related to the Guinness World Records: you want to create a gastronomic area, not see another as your competition. Stay close to five star hotels and restaurants; We had a great model Margin By Denny de Piaggi”.

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This bar is the After the office. “The Happy time In fact – Roberto – edits. Is true After the office It takes place where the offices are but it really motivated us Happy time (Happy time). It was 1 to 1 and coincided with the time people stayed and left the offices. They spent an hour or two here. That’s how it came to be After the office”.

Draft beer is the best star of the Irish bar at Cale Reconcista
Draft beer is the best star of the Irish bar at Cale Reconcista Thanks: The Kilkenny

Today at 74, Amitrano is reviewing the drinks and eleven beer styles the place offers. “When you have a bar, you have to take responsibility for the fact that you are triggering alcoholism. The limits are actually set by your liver and your pocket “, It says. He says how he knew about living at night: “I had many years at that time Rock roll, I left at four or five in the morning and in the afternoon I already had lunch with the managers.

Things were going well. “One night, Genesis bass player Mike Rutherford came in and started playing. I could not believe that a woman sitting here was a tourist from London. ‘I don’t have a ticket to see the house, see you at a bar here!’, He told me. They came from too Lord of dance And they held a show on the first site. The magician David Copperfield and Guillermo Coppola also came. “

“If they make couples here? Many women have always come, many groups, alone – they feel comfortable in this environment, I like it-. So I always said: one who does not find a partner The Kilkenny Wear it because he’s dead!He is proud.

In 2002, they had about 60,000 people drinking at the place, and it's a real madness if you take into account that Reconcista was not pedestrianized.
In 2002, they had about 60,000 people drinking at the place, and it’s a real madness if you take into account that Reconcista was not pedestrianized. Thanks: The Kilkenny

Roberto gets excited when he talks about beer and how to drink it. Cold cup? “If they make you drink too cold, it’s because the cold covers your taste buds. You do not realize how ugly it is. A Guinness should be served at 7 degrees this time.. Does not ice. Otherwise, you do not have the thermal shock you need, ”he argues.

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And in this re-opening he talks about the team he has created and the regular teams The bartender And The bartender. “A The bartender It should specialize in the proper service of draft beer and be able to make a drink directly, without making cocktails. A cocktail maker, on the other hand, a The bartender Or Bar Girl”, Compare. “As a consultant I was with during the years I was away, I am very focused on consumption habits. The Kilkenny”.

Patrick A bar became traditional
Patrick A bar became traditionalThanks: The Kilkenny

“In 2015 my company sold the liquor store. Until a former partner told me in October last year that he had been closed for two years and that he was in debt, I was committed to providing advice. If we want to put together a business plan that the new owner of the building is going to hand over to us, start again The Kilkenny I put my stamp on it, “said Roberto.

“My original associates and three others trusted me. To me this place is like a son, unable to avoid seeing him abandoned and resurrected. It was a challenge and we hope it will The Business. It deserves a decent income, ”he believes.

It was a really happy time that sparked his fame
It was a really happy time that sparked his fameThanks: The Kilkenny

It seems that if. “In the last three weeks we have been one thousand eight hundred newcomers Followers On Instagram. They recognized the brand and returned with everything they had in San Patricio. They asked me to take a picture with them! They were grateful that we reclaimed an iconic place. ”ர சி து.

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“It simply came to our notice then The Kilkenny Come back with beer (Advertising pint, $ 400), regular dishes like cider and pondiola sandwich braced with regular Irish bread soda. The first site will be used for special events. We are now open from 18am to 2.30pm from Tuesday to Saturday and we will be back from Monday to Monday Non-stop”.

After this bar the office began to impose
After this bar the office began to imposeThanks: The Kilkenny

“Customers will come back. St. Patrick’s Day – March 17 – Customers have been coming since the first day of 1998, but I do not think it will last. I look at the profile of the followers, they Millennium And Century. Twenty years later every bar owner understands that their initial customers are already married with two children. We need to update our sites every five years if we want to continue to do so Rock and Roll”, He is excited.