February 3, 2023

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Govt-19: The Ministry of Health has removed the recommendation of compulsory social exclusion

The Ministry of Health has established new maintenance recommendations

After more than two years of corona virus infection, the government has revised maintenance recommendations to avoid new infections and, among other points, eliminated forced social exclusion. The action was reported by Resolution 705/2022Posted this Friday Official announcement.

According to the document signed by the Minister of Health, Carla VicettiEstablished the “General Care Recommendations for the Prevention of COVID-19 and Other Acute Respiratory Diseases”.

Made it clear first “Proper use of Sinstrap in indoor areas, including work, education, social areas and public transport” will be in practice.

Similarly, the advice of health officials is to “ensure the ventilation of the environment” and to maintain adequate and frequent hand hygiene.

However, two measures that were part of the protocol in practice since the onset of the epidemic were left without effect: It is about the “2 meter social gap” and the “compulsory self-report of symptoms in the use of ‘quadar'”.

Self-detection is no longer required in the caring application
Self-detection is no longer required in the caring application

On the other hand, to determine the method of providing labor services directly or remotely to an individual, it is “recommended to carry out an individual medical risk assessment with the certificate associated with it,” Only those in danger groups are enough. ”

Finally, it was re-emphasized that “in the presence of symptoms”, it is important to “avoid contact with others, work, social and educational activities, avoid public places and use public transportation”.

In the consideration of the resolution released this Friday, it was pointed out that the government has taken these flexibilities into account. “With the improvement in vaccine coverage, the incidence of serious illness and death from COVID-19 has been significantly reduced.”

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Also, officials are currently mentioning The number of cases has been recorded at nine consecutive weeks of decline Corona virus, but at the same time “influenza A virus (mainly H3N2 subtype) cycle has been detected, which has been increasing since the beginning of 2022, indicating the progression of seasonal increases (which generally coincide with winter).”

In these ways, “in the coming months, especially in the winter in the Southern Hemisphere, there will be global uncertainty about the behavior of the SARS-CoV-2 virus due to the emergence of new variants, new waves of infection, or co-circulation with other respiratory viruses.”

The decision was signed by Health Minister Carla Visotti (NA / Marcelo Capece).
The decision was signed by Health Minister Carla Visotti (NA / Marcelo Capece).

For these reasons, they considered it “necessary to improve general measures to prevent COVID-19 and other seasonal respiratory infections in order to protect public health.”

Government in January this year Isolation protocol for asymptomatic close contact has been changed He also ordered that those who were vaccinated with two doses and one booster be exempted from isolation.

After a meeting Federal Health CouncilIt was recommended to make isolation more flexible for these individuals, but avoid preventive measures (adequate use of the mask and situations with permanent cross-ventilation) and diagnostic tests between the third and fifth day, to avoid attending social or mass events, and to do it on your own. Monitoring daily symptoms in caring application.

In a statement, Vicotti-led portfolio clarified These recommendations will be modified by jurisdictions based on the epidemiological situation, the progress of the vaccine campaign, the testing potential and the exposure risk assessment of each activity.

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In this case, the jurisdictional health authorities “agreed to continue the systematic use of Sinstrap in indoor areas, including work, education and public transport; Ensuring the ventilation of the environment; Proper and frequent hand hygiene, in the presence of coughing or sneezing elbow folds and symptoms, avoidance of work, social, educational activities, use of public places and public transport; A further 2 meters of social space should be abolished.

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