April 22, 2024

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Ukraine welcomes export of Bradley armored vehicles carrying artillery, machine guns and TOW missiles.

Ukraine welcomes export of Bradley armored vehicles carrying artillery, machine guns and TOW missiles.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky congratulated Republican Kevin McCarthy via Twitter For being elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives on Friday.

Congratulations on your election as Speaker of the House of Representatives. US support on all fronts is critical to Ukraine’s success on the battlefield. We count on your support and American assistance to bring us closer to common victory.”The President tweeted.

Also, Ukraine received 3000 million dollars of new economic aid from the country yesterday for military strengthening.

Despite the Kremlin’s pledge to respect a unilateral ceasefire ordered by President Vladimir Putin until midnight on Saturday, the two Ukrainians, like Russians, celebrated Orthodox Christmas without ceasing to fightAs reported AFP.

Orthodox Christmas Eve, Jan. A resident walks past a burning house after Russian shelling in Kherson, Ukraine, on June 6, 2023. (AP Photo/LIBKOS)

However, Ukrainian officials have questioned the sincerity of the Russian cease-fire since its inception. The United States, France, Germany and England also raised questions.

Despite the Ukrainian artillery fire, the Russian military has vowed to continue to respect the unilateral ceasefire ordered by President Vladimir Putin during the Orthodox Christmas until the end of the day.

“Despite the Ukrainian armed forces’ artillery attack on populated areas and Russian positions, Russian troops will continue the declared ceasefire regime,” the official said. Russian Ministry of Defense In your daily communication.

However, the report added that Russian forces have repelled a series of attacks by the Ukrainian army in eastern Ukraine over the past 24 hours, killing dozens of military personnel. AFP journalists stationed in the town of Chasiv Yar, south of Pakmut, heard heavy artillery fire in the early hours of the morning.

Bradleys are part of a wide variety of armored personnel carriers used by Western nations. They are designed to suit what advanced forces call a Combined Arms maneuver warfareThat is, the ability to use a wide range of ground, air and other weapons and combat units to win a war in a coordinated manner.

The Bradley M2A2 is a medium armored fighting vehicle It has tracks instead of wheels, But it is lighter and more agile than a tank. It can carry a crew Three people and five or six players Also, it is considered an important means of transporting troops safely to war zones.

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Usually a weapon With a top-mounted 25 mm cannon, a machine gun and a TOW anti-tank missile launcher that can be used when the Bradley is stationed. TOW, which stands for Tube-Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire-Guided, is fired only at targets visible to soldiers on the battlefield, making it particularly effective in open areas such as deserts and expansive fields.

FILE - U.S. soldiers drive a Bradley Fighting Vehicle during a joint exercise with the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Deir Ezzor camp in northeastern Syria.
FILE – U.S. soldiers drive a Bradley Fighting Vehicle during a joint exercise with the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Deir Ezzor camp in northeastern Syria.Badar Khan Ahmed – A.P

Germany’s ambassador to Ukraine, Oleksiy Makeev, expressed hope that in addition to the infantry fighting vehicles promised by Germany to other countries, Ukraine could also be supplied with main battle tanks of Western design.

“I am optimistic. Almost a year after the start of this massive Russian invasion, many people in Germany have finally realized that this war is about the existence of Ukraine and peace in Europe as a whole,” Makaev told the newspaper. Wirtschaftswoche When asked about the possibility of Germany supplying main battle tanks like the Panther.

Infantry fighting vehicles are designed for, and provide, the protected transport of small groups of soldiers to and within the combat zone. Fire support. Tanks have high firepower, a small fixed group, and are used to engage enemy tanks or other targets.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a midnight mass Friday at the Kremlin church to celebrate Orthodox Christmas., marked by Moscow’s attack on Ukraine. The Russian president continued the celebration at the cathedral, originally intended as a chapel for the tsars, conducted by priests, some of whom held chandeliers, according to pictures released by the Kremlin.

In previous years, Putin used to visit Orthodox Christmas celebrations in the Russian provinces or in Moscow’s suburbs.

In a message published this Saturday, the Russian dignitary congratulated Orthodox Christians and pointed out that the day encourages “good deeds and aspirations”. He also noted that he prayed for the Orthodox Church, which supported the attack by Russian armed forces in Ukraine, which was decided by Putin.

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Church organizations are “supporting our soldiers participating in a special military operation,” the Russian president announced, using the official Kremlin term for the offensive in Ukraine. “Such a mighty, multifaceted and truly ascetic work deserves the most sincere respect,” he added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends an Orthodox Christmas Mass at the Annunciation Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin
Russian President Vladimir Putin attends an Orthodox Christmas Mass at the Annunciation Cathedral in the Moscow KremlinMikhail Klimentiev – Pool Sputnik Kremlin

Ukraine’s president praised the United States for including armored anti-tank vehicles in its latest multibillion-dollar aid package. The army and said that kyiv troops “are what they need” for the war against Russia.

Officials, for their part, said it was unclear whether the Orthodox were abiding by the 36-hour unilateral ceasefire announced by Moscow during Christmas, which Ukraine viewed as a ploy.

The latest US aid package was announced by the White House on Friday Biggest to date for Kyiv and, for the first time, includes Bradley armored vehicles, which fire anti-tank missiles.

In his late-night televised speech on Friday, President Volodymyr Zelensky mentioned it “The Most Powerful Synthesis”. “For the first time, we will get Bradley Armored Vehicles, which is what we need. New weapons and projectiles including high accuracy, new rockets, new drones. It is timely and powerful,” he said.

Zelensky thanked his counterpart Joe Biden, lawmakers and “all Americans who value freedom and know it’s worth protecting.”

The US says the attacks in eastern Ukraine reflect an Orthodox Christmas truce announced by Putin It is a “sneaky” trick. “I think that assessment has been vindicated based on what we’ve seen over the course of the day.”State Department spokesman Ned Price said.

And he divided, step by step Al Jazeera: “We believe our suspicions are justified by what we have seen of Russia in the course of this conflict.”

U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price at the department's headquarters in Washington, Nov. 2, 2022.  (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)
U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price at the department’s headquarters in Washington, Nov. 2, 2022. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

The UN’s International Telecommunication Union report was developed in April Determine the extent of destruction of Ukrainian communications networks by the Russian warHe said $1.79 billion would be needed to restore a sector Reuters.

Justice ministers from around the world will meet in London in March In support of International Criminal Court investigations into alleged Russian war crimes in Ukraine, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Justice anticipated in a statement. Information copied Kyiv Independent.

Igor Kirkin, A warning was issued by a former member of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and war veteran – who knew how to be a key player in the annexation of Crimea in 2014. A video shared by him on his official Telegram channel Vladimir Putin’s future as President of Russia is at stake.

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After the resulting errors and losses in Ukrainian territory, Kirkin noted Putin’s little predilection to address it. “Groups around the Kremlin leader have already begun their struggle to maintain the president’s ‘political Olympus'”. “They have already started discussing who will be his successor”He explained.

Former Russian spy and war veteran Igor Girkin
Former Russian spy and war veteran Igor Girkin

Among the names that sound like a replacement for the 70-year-old politician, War veteran Yevgeny Prigozhin insistedThe head of the Wagner mercenary group is currently training with Defense Minister Prigozhin. Sergei Shoiguof whom he criticizes his “incapacity for war”.

“The recent appearances of the head of the Wagner Group in the media clearly show that he is now establishing himself not only as a warlord but also as a public and political figure. He may aspire to be both Minister and President”, analyzed the former Russian spy below.

Prigogine, along with Vladimir Putin
Prigogine, along with Vladimir Putin

And punishment: “Who knows what will happen in a couple of years? Despite this, it is important to understand that the fight has already begun..

Kirkin, who described himself as a Russian blogger and devoted his time to analyzing the situation of the war in Ukraine in recent months, was recently convicted by a Dutch court. A person who commits a mass murder after being accused Flight MH17 was shot down In 2014.

This was stated by the Deputy Head of the Military Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Vadim Skibitsky Recruits would be sent east and south and would be part of Russian offensives in the spring and summer, as reported by The Guardian. This revelation was later echoed by the Ukrainian media Independence of Kiev Through a post on Twitter.

Russian President Roman Abramovich In February last year, he gave $4,000 million to his childrenThrough a foundation, it seeks to shield part of its wealth from sanctions — led by Russian President Vladimir Putin — in retaliation for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The data was published in Friday’s edition by British newspaper The Guardian, according to documents obtained by it. In “early February 2022,” weeks before the invasion, ten trusts were quickly reorganized to benefit Abramovich.


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