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United States Visa: An Expert’s 7 Tricks to Pass the Interview

United States Visa: An Expert’s 7 Tricks to Pass the Interview

Did they reject you? visa of America? A Former Diplomatic Officer Responsibility for issuing US visas revealed Secrets A Video TikTok To obtain interviewer approval Immigrant visa One tourism You can also enter the country Interview will be successful.

The woman started the video posted on her account Arcovis He asks why the officer is refusing visa United States “without even looking at your documents.” This is an important aspect during the interview due to: The Applicant Approach. During the interview, The Reason for travel And they will Questions On that day Information embedded in Form DS-160, Must be verifiable.

United States Visa: Good news for those applying for renewal

However, a former embassy employee said that most of the interviewees Do not take into account the information in the form completely Reporter. But then what That The visa must be approved?

How to crack a visa interview, according to an expert

According to a former US visa officer, the interviewing ambassador “They don’t care about documents“otherwise”The interview itself“. In addition, he offered tips for success:

  • to go Ready for appointment
  • that Answers Be Clear and concrete
  • Provide Useful information

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It is worth clarifying that every case is different InterviewAlthough it has common elements, Adjusts the specifications of each of applicants.

Consular Interview

When will the consular interview take place?

The consular interview is conducted after the following procedure:

  1. Fill and submit Form DS-160.
  2. to implement Payment of MRV fee or official visa application fee.
  3. socket Biometric data (Fingerprints and digital photography).
  4. Go on Consular Interview At the US embassy or consulate in the country where you are applying for a visa.
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How to process a visa to enter the US?

10 Common Questions in Visa Application Interview

The questions in the US visa interview are objective Identifying the risks of irregular migration and varies depending on the type of visa requested.

Remember that the information you have is Form DS-160 Previously confirmed by US immigration officials. Here are some questions the consular visa officer may ask:

  • Where in America? is traveling?
  • Which is that The reason of your trip?
  • how much Weather What is your length of stay and when do you plan to leave?
  • Dowith whom Trips?
  • Where works?
  • How long have you been working in your company and what? activities does?
  • Who will pay? Expenses of your trip?
  • I know where will conduct?
  • want Relatives In America?
  • He has traveled or went Before in America?

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Visa USA

Visa: 7 General Tips to Pass the US Embassy Interview

To conduct the interview successfully, you should follow the following tips:

1. Lack of time

It is essential According to the schedule Your nomination. Be on time. One thing to remember is interviews for US nonimmigrant visas No more than three minutes.

2. Know the visa requirements

That’s important Know the requirements of your desired visaTo explain the purpose of your trip America.

For example, if you work temporarily, interviewers will ask you what specific work you plan to do in the US and how long you will be in the country.

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3. Short and to the point answers

The Questions Consular Officers direct Quick decisions can be made in the first few minutes. Your decision depends on the impression you get from the applicant. That is why they are waiting Clear and short answers.

If you don’t get to the point, they may think you don’t know what to say and try to find an answer.

Visa for USA is 20220919
Visa USA

4. Bring the documents in order

Take it all away Neat documentation Y classified in folders. Documents should not be submitted in sealed envelopes.

5. Respect safety regulations

Access to any US embassy building is not permitted Electronics and other products. Date of Visa Interview Applicant must come alone. Companions are not allowedWith exceptions such as minors or persons with disabilities.

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6. Wait for the consular officer’s response

At the end of the interview, the consular officer will inform the applicant Visa is granted or denied.

7. Positive attitude

If the officer refuses you a visa, No need to engage in debate. It is best to ask the embassy for a list of documents you need to reapply for the visa.


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