June 20, 2024

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Italy’s turn to the right: the new head of the House of Representatives is ultra-conservative, homophobic and pro-Putin

Italy’s turn to the right: the new head of the House of Representatives is ultra-conservative, homophobic and pro-Putin

ROME.— In a new confirmation Italy’s extreme right turn -In recent elections, the post-fascist Brothers of Italy party won Georgia Meloney-, was elected before the House of Representatives today Lawrence Fontan, One Man Matteo Salvini, President of the Racist League, A staunch Catholic, pro-Putin and homosexual, he has an extremist and integrative curriculum.

Fontana, 42, was elected in the fourth ballot with 222 votes, not the two-thirds required, but a simple majority. During the vote, members of parliament from the centre-left opposition appeared with a banner summarizing their warning of an imminent election: “A homophobic and pro-Putin president does not have one.”

After annexing Crimea with Salvini in 2014 (against Russia) he wore a “No Barriers” t-shirt. Fontana praised the Kremlin “Czar” and Russia. Considered Russia A model to follow “We Westerners are experiencing a great crisis of values, immersed in a society culturally dominated by ethical relativism.”

Fountain, this Pope Francis praised in his opening address today He defined the Italians as “spiritual reference”-, blessed Carlo of Agudis and St. Thomas, He was Minister of the Family during the first government of Giuseppe Conte (based on the strange alliance between the League and the Five Star Movement).

From that point on, he organized a traditional pro-family demonstration in his birthplace of Verona, as small plastic objects in the shape of fetuses were distributed. His opposition to abortion became legal in Italy after a referendum in 1978.

Lorenzo Fontana of the far-right Populist League party delivers a speech after winning a majority in the House of RepresentativesLapresse/Roberto Monaldo.Lapress – LaPresse via ZUMA Press

Ultraconservative and traditionalist, Fontana also hates euthanasia and gay couples. “Families are families with a father and a mother, not other nasty things”, shouted at a rally, during an interview Corrier della Sera Directly a few years ago Homosexual families “do not exist,” he said.

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The book is a Neapolitan and married with the Tridentine rite to the father of a daughter. Empty cradle – Proposed by Salvini, defined migrations as “invasions”. “They want to dominate us and abolish our people with gays and immigration,” Warned the new leader of the lower house in the past, also known for his euroscepticism and a friend of far-right groups from other parts of Europe, such as Greece’s Alba Dorata.

This is why it is not surprising that the associations of the LGBT community and the centre-left opposition came shouting to the skies after the election. The third most important post in the country.

“Worse than this even in imagination. Italy does not deserve this humiliation”, tweeted the former Prime Minister Enrico LettaThe leader of the center-left Democratic Party has made no secret of his concern about the potential backlash to championing civil rights with a character like Fontana’s.

Unlike yesterday, when he was elected to the Senate Ignazio LaRussaOne of the founders of Italy’s post-fascist Brotherhood and right-hand man of the future prime minister, Georgia Meloney, No stage wins or political games.

Former prime minister and members of parliament from the president’s party, Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi, enraged at not getting the seats they wanted in the future government, they overwhelmingly voted for Fontana. “We voted for Fontana not to waste any more time, but they need us. We can’t think of Giorgia Meloni going forward with opposition votes,” said an exited Berlusconi. Yesterday was defeated La Russa was elected with the help of the mysterious “Red”, although he did not receive the votes of Forza Italia’s 16 senators.

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Meloni’s scheming to make it clear who led the right-wing coalition, which he led alongside Forza Italia and the League, eventually resulted in 16 mysterious votes by opposing “snipers” for La Russa, which no one saw. They know who they are because the vote is secret. Although La Russa’s middle name is Benito, after Mussolini, he has always been nostalgic, the new president of the Senate, a 75-year-old political veteran who was Berlusconi’s defense minister, a man of institutions and a figurehead. More drinkable than Fontana.

The truth is that the boycott against him, which ultimately failed, reflects a chaotic start in the legislature, a clear rift between Meloni and Berlusconi, which was confirmed today when Berlusconi’s handwritten notes came to light, captured by photographers. After his folder, in a brief exchange, yesterday he insulted La Russa and was immortal “Vafunculo”.

In these remarks, Licia Ronzulli, a former MEP and closest senator, took out all her fury on the 86-year-old Cavalier, humiliated by Meloni’s steadfast refusal to join his executive. Georgia Meloney. Behavior 1. Stubborn 2. Pushy 3. Arrogant 4. Aggressive. No facility to change. He’s someone you can’t get along with.

Be that as it may, the publication of the anti-Meloni notes caused a new internal storm. “I think Berlusconi should go out and say what I think is almost true: this photo FakeBut he should say it, not me”, commented La Russa, the new president of the Senate.

As night fell, as he was leaving the office, he faced questions from reporters “In Bector” Premier Meloni had a devastating response: “Except that Berlusconi’s note misses a point: I cannot blackmail”.

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