September 29, 2023

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USA: Donald Trump booked with photo in Atlanta jail for election conspiracy

USA: Donald Trump booked with photo in Atlanta jail for election conspiracy

Atlanta.- On a historic day, Donald Trump It was this Thursday The first former President of the United States to be recorded on a rap sheetIncluded is a photo of him at the Georgia State Penitentiary, where he was held for about 20 minutes. $200,000 bail, Accused Illegal association and election conspiracy For attempting to alter the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

After his release, Trump described the criminal proceedings as “election interference” in the race for the White House, for which the former president is starting as the favorite among Republican candidates. “What happened here was a travesty of justice. We didn’t do anything wrong. I did nothing wrong,” he told reporters as he prepared to leave Atlanta.

Just before heading to Georgia, Trump blamed the “extreme left” for his arrest. “I must prepare to go to Atlanta, where murders and other violent crimes have reached unprecedented levels, to be arrested by the far-left District Attorney Fannie Willis,” Trump said on Truth Social.

A case was registered against the 77-year-old President Fulton County Jail, Atlanta – the overcrowded and unsanitary prison known as Rice Street Jail – was surrounded by a tight security perimeter as journalists and dozens of supporters flocked to the scene.

Trump is 1.92 meters tall, weighs 97.5 kg, has blue eyes and blonde hair, according to a police checkup at the jail. He was assigned “Prisoner Number P01135809”.

Trump speaks to reporters at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport after being booked into the Fulton County Jail (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)Alex Brandon-AP

Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labatt warned that the 19 defendants in the Georgia election fraud case will go through the same process as other criminal defendants in the county. Fingerprints and mugshotss. Later, Labatt himself confirmed that the photo shoot of the former president was indeed done.

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On the outskirts of the prison, both supporters and detractors of the former president gathered early, some of them carrying signs reading “Trump dug his own grave.”

The protestors warned that they would soon spread the registration photo of the former president. “We want to put it on a jersey. It will go around the world. It will be a more famous image than the Mona Lisa,” said Laura Loomer, 30, a former Republican congressional candidate who mingled with other Trump supporters outside the prison.

Trump’s prison processing was completed quickly in about 20 minutes, as his 18 co-defendants had already turned themselves in. The former president and his attorneys negotiated their $200,000 bail before the deal and other conditions of release, including not using social media to intimidate co-defendants and witnesses in the case.

His former lawyer Rudy GiulianiAnother man accused of trying to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election said he spoke to Trump on Tuesday to wish him luck.

What they do to him is an attack on the US Constitution”, the former mayor of New York protested before being released on $150,000 bail while leaving the same Fulton jail.

The prison where Trump spent time is notorious for its bleak conditions, which have inspired rap songs and prompted a US Department of Justice investigation.