May 23, 2024

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A teacher in America told his students David | Parents considered Michelangelo’s work “obscene”.

A teacher in America told his students David |  Parents considered Michelangelo’s work “obscene”.

Three days ago, the principal of a school in Florida in the US had to resign following protests from parents because Michelangelo’s David was displayed in classrooms, which they considered “obscene”. Now, the director of a working Italian museum has denounced the “twisted minds” of those who managed to expel the teacher who showed pictures of the statue, famous for its beauty and nudity. “There’s a big difference between nudity and obscenity,” said Cecile Holberg, director of the Accademia Gallery in Florence. The mayor announced that he would invite the author to visit the museum.

“It takes a really twisted mind to confuse the two concepts,” Holberg added.

The case had repercussions in Italy after the US press reported that Hope Carrasquilla, the rector and teacher at the school in the Florida capital of Tallahassee, had resigned for exposing her 11- and 12-year-olds. Students year pictures of the famous statue by Michelangelo Buonarroti between 1501 and 1504.

“Those concerned with (David’s Nude) have a serious problem with the roots of Western culture,” Holberg responded, referring to one of the most important sculptures in art history.

A year ago, Florida passed the Parents’ Rights to Education Act, which allows parents to intervene in school decisions, a policy promoted by Gov. Ron DeSantis, a rival to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in 2024. Conservative positions.

The DeSantis administration wants to extend the law that prohibits addressing topics such as sexual orientation, gender identity, sexism and racism.