April 13, 2024

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Video: Tesla is about to stop, suddenly it goes 200 km/h, killing two people

Video: Tesla is about to stop, suddenly it goes 200 km/h, killing two people

A new one accident Acted by A Tesla car Caused a stir China And the questions are updated Autopilot. The vehicle stopped, but suddenly Flattened at 200 km/h and killed two people.

The shocking crash was caught on multiple security cameras along the Tesla’s path. As reported by local media Jimu News, 3 others were seriously injured.

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The event took place in southern China, more precisely in the city gaozhouProvince Guangdong. Although it happened on November 5, gruesome pictures of the accident have been going viral recently.

John was driving the Tesla and parked, however, the car suddenly sped up, apparently on its own, for two kilometers of the track, reaching speeds of over 200 km/h.

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At first, the car blocks a motorcycle, but as it speeds up, it crashes into motorcycles and bicycles until it crashes into a food stall.

What did Tesla say?

The company founded by Elon Musk promised “Help the Chinese police To inquire about the accident“. They also admitted that the car’s brake lights were not on when the vehicle was accelerating.

In any case, it is being investigated whether the driver was involved in an accident or there was a problem with the car.


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