March 27, 2023

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Carlos Luzzi, Sannini’s former number two, who lived in a mansion in Marbella, was sacked for illegal enrichment.

Caros Liuzzi, former Kirchner official and his wife, lawyer Taiz del Corazon de Jesus Hidalgo (Photo: @th.marbella)

Carlos Liuzzi Consolidates the list of former Kirchner officials who became wealthy during Kirchnerism: He arrived at Casa Rosada with just $265,000 and retired with two luxury apartments in Puerto Madero. Spa In the same area, sectors in Mendoza and holdings of several companies. And done living A mansion in Marbella (Spain), revealed infobae In January this year.

A case against you Illegal Enrichment It’s been over ten years. In 2016, Judge Luis Rodríguez overruled him despite a negative report by Supreme Court expert Hector Roccatagliata, but Chamber II of the Federal Chamber overturned everything and removed him from the file. Since then, it has been in the court of Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi He rejected it again. The decision affects his wife Taiz del Corazon de Jesus Hidalgo, his children and his ex-wife.

According to the judge, a series of expert reports made in recent years about the assets of Lucy and her family were not “convincing” to prosecute them. “In this criminal investigation, it was not possible to determine whether there was a significant and unjustified increase in the assets of Carlos Emilio Liuzzi and his family environment. There is no definitive and conclusive official expert report on the matter. And this is due to the reluctance of the official accountant Hector Roccatagliata during this process,” the magistrate told Infobay Access in a 21-page decision.

Martínez De Giorgi described each Notifications Received by an official expert since 2018. “Some of these delays may have been supported by a temporary health problem suffered by the official expert – as per the medical records he sent to this court- which is not enough to justify the delay in execution. Its work for the entire period sent”, complained the judge.

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The expert came to testify as a witness, but disagreed with the investigators. To the magistrate, Rogadagliata showed “Lack of interest in responding to the required survey; Due to his negligence and inadequate conduct while performing the assigned work, he did not verify or analyze the documents in the case.

The situation was taken advantage of by Lucy’s defense, who requested her dismissal a few days ago. “The lengthy processing of this process was foreign to the approach the defense assumed and was delayed due to the conduct of the intervening expert who focused on depriving my defendants of justice and, ultimately, the entire community.” “, said the former official’s lawyer.

Martínez De Giorgi agreed to the dismissal, with tough questions from the official expert, who initiated a criminal case. “Whether or not there is substantial and unreasonable increase cannot be established In the absence of a definitive official expert report, in the tradition of Carlos Emilio Liuzzi and his family context,” he said.

Liuzzi arrived at Casa Rosada in 2003 and held her post until 2015 (archive image)
Liuzzi arrived at Casa Rosada in 2003 and held her post until 2015 (archive image)

Liuzzi is part of a select group of former K officials who held office during Nestor Kirchner’s government and during both of Christina Kirchner’s terms. Twelve years without a break, without opening his mouth. At the Casa Rosada he became known as the “Black Monk” of another subordinate, Carlos Zanini.

After leaving power, Lucy began disposing of her assets both inside and outside the country. Many of these actions were ticketed because a judicial moratorium was in effect.

Operations are not stopped. According to the Official Gazette of Mendoza Province of December 6, Liuzzi sold several fields in that province.. Also appearing in the proceedings was his former partner, Gustavo Benvenuto, who was in the crosshairs of justice after a press trial. A consultant he owned was employed by ADCONSA, a legal and technical firm namely Lucy, Computerize the official gazette and create a computerized system, the organization that manages all websites in the country. A million dollar business tailored to “friends”. In 2009 alone, the company earned over 29 million pesos.

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Liuzzi left the country with his family in 2020 and isolated himself in Marbella, where he showed his gift as a millionaire entrepreneur. Infobae revealed in January that he now resides A mansion of almost 500 m2 Modern works of art, sculptures and a home automation system that transforms into a “smart” home.

The front of the house in Marbella is among the many photos posted by Liuzzi's wife
The front of the house in Marbella is among the many photos posted by Liuzzi’s wife

Lucy’s Estate

When she landed in La Rosada, Lucy had a house in the country Alligators De Pilar, a plot of land in the same city, two apartments, a timeshare in Bariloche and two cars: a Peugeot 406 (1997 model) and a Mitsubishi Space Wagon (1996).

As of 2008, his assets have not stopped growing.

In 2011, he bought a 161 m2 apartment on the 35th floor of the Muliris Building in Puerto Madero, for which he paid $3,272,400, $808,000 at the time. Two years later, in 2013, he and his wife bought another apartment on the 42nd floor of the same building. For the property they paid 7,500,000 pesos with their state salaries.

Carlos Liuzzi with his wife Taiz del Corazon de Jesus Hidalgo
Carlos Liuzzi with his wife Taiz del Corazon de Jesus Hidalgo

Liuzzi’s partner, a young lawyer she met at Casa Rosada, had to justify the August 2012 purchase of a premade BMW car for about $57,000 and an apartment in the “Yoo” Punta del Este building in Uruguay. The purchase was made in November 2011 for 895,000 pesos.

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purchase An apartment worth 330 thousand dollarsand four garages, Olga Cochetini at 1112. The seller was Diego Martin Scotti, Lucy’s brother-in-law.

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The case for enrichment began in 2012 based on a complaint filed by a lawyer named Ricardo Moner Sanz and went through several judges. Norberto Oyarbide, who was on good terms with Zannini at the time, filed the case but left a door open. In 2014, after the phone call scandal that exposed the connection between the magistrate and the Casa Rosada, lawyer Patricio Evers asked for it to be restored. The case went to a judge Luis Rodríguez took him out in record time.

For years, the anti-corruption office promoted the investigation, but in October 2020, under the administration of Felix Cruz, the agency He resigned his position as plaintiff.


In recent years, the judge did not investigate Lucy’s unusual number of foreign trips. As of 2014, the list includes 26 flights to the United States (most to Miami), 52 to Uruguay, 10 to Europe, nine to Brazil, and three strike Panama flights. There were also trips to Mexico, South Africa, Peru and Chile.

In the last survey, experts didn’t take credit cards or travel expenses into account. For this reason, prosecutor Ramiro Gonzalez dropped them from the case and focused on the property.

The luxurious life of the Liuzzi couple never stopped. Hotels are always weak for couples visiting lobbies of varying sizes on their Instagram. Five stars. Sharing a photo with Lucy in the snow while they were skiing in Granada’s Sierra Nevada, his wife wrote and quoted, “The best of the day.” hostel, a boutique hotel and spa with restaurant. On his other trips to Granada, photographs were taken from the lobby Alhambra Palace, Another five stars.

In all these years, Liuzzi has never set foot on the stairs of Commodore Pie. It is not necessary. Far away, on the shores of the Mediterranean, he continues his life.