October 2, 2023

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Virtual fight with Martin Cabarros: Arturo Pérez-Revert strikes again

Virtual fight with Martin Cabarros: Arturo Pérez-Revert strikes again

A new “virtual fight” between Two heavyweights of Spanish-American writingYesterday, Spanish journalist and author Arturo Pérez-Reverte took the opportunity to mock his Argentinian colleague Martin Cabarros. This time the reason was not for linguistic reasons, but during the IX International Congress of the Spanish Language in March, Caparós proposed to rename the Spanish language “Namericana” and Pérez-Reverte, a member of the Royal Spanish. Academy- he replied “Asshole”. This time, the Spanish writer took a tweet that dumped Argentina.

“Hello Martin! I heard Lanata today that you said that Cuba, Russia, China are not left-wing, and it seems to me that the majority associate those countries with left-wing. With which country do you associate your idea of ​​left-wing? With which country or government can I explain you? Thank you. [sic]”, asked the user @sambadeorly To the author living. “Since 1750 there was a society without kings in France, I think the leftist society continued as an idea, a guide, until they finally achieved it in 1871. They were long processes, full of trial and error . . . but the error should not stop the article,” Caparos said with compassion and a certain innocence. replied.

The tweet received a lot of criticism from other users. “But Martin, in the middle of the article there are people who suffer, live poorly, have no freedom, and are hungry. “It’s easy to bench the article from a comfortable position,” he commented @gastoone. “In capitalism, on the other hand, everyone lives like a king. Bad mining”, the teacher was buzzing at this point Sarminto.

A few hours later, Perez-Reverte retweeted a response from an Argentine resident in Madrid: “Please don’t miss this. Enjoy it like I did.” Unlike Caballero’s tweet, which received more criticism than support (there was never a shortage of people reminding him on social networks of “Argentina Table Against Hunger”), the Spaniard’s – which was a sarcasm or, in the case of the Kingdom of Río de la Plata, “worn out” – was much celebrated and shared.

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In a conversation with LA NACION at the end of April during a visit to Buenos Aires during the Buenos Aires Book Fair, Caballeros had commented that Pérez-Revert brought “that Iberian macho thing”. War” by American). “I didn’t know him, but I remember once I presented him with a book in Buenos Aires. Comanche territory -counted-. Twenty years later I found it; We met again at the Language Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As this newspaper has learned, on that occasion Pérez-Reverte thanked him for providing the novel: “I owe you.” Apparently, the honorarium was settled.

In September, Perez-Revert will publish a detective novel The final problem on the Alfaquara label, from the Penguin Random House group (the same one that publishes Caparos’ books). “Well that’s it. A year and a half in the works. A novel-issue as before. In September,” he announced at X.

Responding to Caparrós, Fernando Iglesias of Together for Change, who yesterday retweeted Argentina’s response: “‘Kings’ is a society without rules. @martin_caparros from where From Spain where he went to live. Giles live in countries with ‘long processes of trial and error’. For him, the Spanish monarchy in Barcelona or Madrid. #QBEC”. Today, the Argentine writer, a historian, answered: Are you really? So ignorant, mate, don’t you know how to distinguish the absolute monarchy of Louis XIV from the ceremonial puppet ‘ruling’ Spain? Feudalism, democracy? There’s a manual!”.

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