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Weight Training: Why Experts Recommend Doing It in Teens

Weight Training: Why Experts Recommend Doing It in Teens
Scientific evidence has long shown that strength training should be considered at least as important as aerobic exercise (Getty).

Although most people decide to face a routine Weight lifting With the goal of strengthening muscles and improving body image, the benefits of strength training go further and are generally reflected in bone health and metabolism. After all, after the age of 40, the body of both men and women undergoes general changes of hormonal decline.

And, as with everything in life, “better late than never” also applies to a startup Strength training routine.

Strength coach Sally Moss justifies this: “If you start late, in your 50s to 60s, you can be stronger than you were in your 30s. No matter how old someone is, if they are new to lifting, they will be stronger.

Experts recommend working all muscles to increase active muscle mass (Getty).

The woman, owner of Strength Ambassadors weightlifting company, is 48 years old and lifts about 70kg in bench press, she said in an interview. telegram.

“There is a quiet revolution in strength training The importance of muscle mass as we age It comes to light. “Muscle helps with insulin sensitivity, cognitive power, heart health and bone density, and can prevent you from falling and becoming a senior who injures you,” explains Moss, “The corner of the gym where people look at the ‘hard training’ section seems intimidating. .”

For some time now, although scientific evidence has once been considered an optional extra, strength training should be considered at least as important as aerobic exercise.

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“At a certain age, around 40, one of the main problems we have is that not only does one start to gain weight and accumulate a lot of fat tissue, but on the other hand, one starts to lose muscle mass. Two problems, without a doubt, the work of power is very necessary.

Training should be planned in advance with each individual’s needs (getty).

Francisco Ozores is a national professor of physical education and exercise expert, and when asked by Infobae why strength training is important for the health of bones and muscles in adult life, he pointed out that “the problem of osteopenia is an interesting thing, occurs at that age, bone mass caused by many hormonal problems and Loss of bone resistance, but not due to lack of strength training.

For the expert, “Strength training is an ally in combating osteopenia and osteoporosis When training for strength, it stimulates the addition of calcium in a certain way, because with strong muscles, the bone must also gain strength, and this leads to the absorption of other minerals. Strengthening skeletal muscle.

On the other hand, in middle age, “muscle weakness and contraction begin to occur due to the daily routine, which causes loss of posture, inflexibility and consequences at the muscle level”, Ozors contributed. “Strength training benefits muscles and bones, but also contributes to metabolic activity: the more active muscles are, the higher the daily energy expenditure, that is, the basal metabolism, that is, what I know is spent. By having more active muscle mass on a daily basis with daily work increases, This results in fighting weight gain and helping each organism maintain a more balanced weight.

Strength training produces benefits in the health of bones, joints and aids metabolism (Getty).

Don Thomas is a competitive strongman. At 45, he deadlifts 700 pounds to enter his next European meet. A trainer at London’s Commando Temple gym, he evangelizes the benefits of “heavy lifting”, which he says has helped him overcome mental health issues.

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“I had a period in my life where drinking was all-consuming, but strength training changed the things that were causing me problems. When I lift weights, I don’t worry about bills or work, I don’t worry about anything, it’s just me and the weights,” he said, aged He often sees clients unable to get into the gym. As soon as they climb the stairs without breathing and they lift heavy weights, they feel real satisfaction.

Thomas says the first step in the force is finding a good coach. Regular videos that can be followed online do not show poor posture or dangerous back positions that can lead to injury.

In this sense, Ozors “to begin with, it is important to know Strength training should be thorough”. “Men are in the habit of training the upper limbs for taste or purpose, and women the lower limbs. “I recommend working all muscles to increase lean muscle mass,” he said.

As for how to maintain it, he always recommends 40 minutes to an hour per session at least two to three times a week. “Exercise is not just about moving, it must be planned in advance with requirements that match the possibilities of each person, but it must conform to a routine and frequency,” the expert opined. , for whom “it is always advisable to perform functional exercises for daily activities aimed at countering the effects of each person’s activity”. For example, if you have a very sedentary job that can cause posture problems, exercises should encourage you to improve your posture, strengthen your anti-gravity muscles, and maintain better balance, joint health, etc.

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According to Osorus, “it can be done in a gym, in a park, or at home,” and he recommends “all kinds of exercises that involve body weight: squats, lunges, flexo arm extensions, abdominals on the mat, crunches, general exercises that involve multiple muscle groups at once, and They are multi-articular, not localized.

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