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Punta del Este: After fears that it would not be completed, Trump Tower opens with an investment of more than 100 million US dollars

Punta del Este: After fears that it would not be completed, Trump Tower opens with an investment of more than 100 million US dollars

East point. At first it was a surprising project; Then an empty space with a giant Donald Trump president; After a while it was the skeleton of a building that stretched towards the sky, then a mystery. Finally, a decade after the first announcements, this Friday, October 7, The Inauguration of the most luxurious tower in Punta del Este and the region.

Argentinians, Argentinians and more Argentinians, have bought apartments in this new complex; Actually more than half the units (sold or in the process of being signed) acquired by people living on the other side of the pond. This is what the administrators said “Over 80% of the tower has been sold” and “over 60% of the owners are from Argentina..

The tower promises to be the most luxurious in the region. Photo: Puntapress

With the inauguration of this tower, the Another of Argentina’s settlements in eastern UruguayIt has been growing strongly in the last two years.

From that initial illusion to the party now, a lot of uncertainty has passed in the project: first, when Trump became the president of the United States, he had to change the poster with his photo, then he faced anguish and doubts. Its realization with versions indicates that it remains unfinished.

Finally a toast and investors celebrate together with national and local officials. The tower, a symbol of luxury, was unveiled at stop 9, in front of Playa Brava..

Uruguayan President Louis Lacal Bowe created the traditional ribbon cutting that marks the back and forth between a construction site and an oceanfront residential complex.With state-of-the-art facilities.

A view of one of the units.  Photo: Puntapress
A view of one of the units. Photo: Puntapress

Trump Tower Punta del Este was formally born at four o’clock this Friday afternoon of the long October holiday, which heralds the summer season.

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The investment in this venture has exceeded 100 million US dollars And even though it is open, the works are not finished and the complex has exclusive services -which are not found in any other tower in the area-, which will be completed. Apartments – 80% Sale – It will be completed in the coming weeks.

Luxury – this mega-building contrasts with the natural environment in which it is inserted – is expensive, and The selling price of the units ranges from US$5,000 to US$6,000 per square meter depending on the type of unit and the orientation of its views..

Apartments are fully glazed.  Photo: Puntapress
Apartments are fully glazed. Photo: Puntapress Softness

The Trump Tower has 160 apartments, the first of which was delivered to its owners on August 1Halfway between the eastern peninsula and Barra de Maldonado, with a view of that endless Atlantic.

Entrepreneurial lobby.  Photo: Puntapress
Entrepreneurial lobby. Photo: Puntapress Softness

The opening gives a much-anticipated boost to investors who have revived the long-stalled project, raising expectations that the 30-odd units to be put up for sale will be put up.

Project managers adhere to it By the end of the work, more than 100 jobs will be created, which will be maintained even during the low season.. This staffing requirement is provided by the volume of services offered to owners. When the works are completed next year, The facilities will be over 12,000 square meters.

These include three swimming pools, an indoor tennis court, a spa centre, a fitness centre, space for a kids’ club, high-end micro-cinemas, a gourmet restaurant and associated cellar, a cigar room and barbecue. Further, A heliport and valet parking are available to facilitate arrival and departure,

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Each floor has seven apartments ranging from 100 to 300 square meters.. Full delivery of units is assured for the current year. All are equipped with a stainless steel refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, glass-ceramic oven and premium European line built-in oven. The laundry room is complete with washer and dryer.

In addition, climate control through the environment, curtain settings, air conditioning, lighting and other applications can be managed remotely from a cell phone.

The opening ceremony was a mix of emotions, relief and celebration as the initial mega project, conceived in 2007 and announced in 2012, was proposed in 2014 by an investment team to complete the project.

Rolando Rosemblen, Luis Wolfsohn and George Garber represented the group at the official opening along with the President of Uruguay, Chief of Staff Alvaro Delgado, Minister of Tourism, Tabare Vieira, and Local Government President Enrique Antia. and other officers.

The opening ceremony was attended by President of Uruguay Lakal Pov.  Photo: Puntapress
The opening ceremony was attended by President of Uruguay Lakal Pov. Photo: Puntapress

“We got everyone’s support so we could start again; it was instrumental through a foundation, and we’re here today,” Wolfson said. And he added:We’re finishing up, and there’s a great learning curve, (because) when you work together, you go further than just elbowing each other.. Behold, this work is finished.”

His partner Rozemblun highlighted the support of the government: “Today we can say that Maldonado receives great news; The initial kick off of this project begins with the Lacalle Pou government and the Enrique Antía administration. From there, the franchise commission is set up.

Garber highlighted the contributions of the workers, and especially the construction workers union: “Special thanks to the SUNCA workers who worked until the end.” And he said: “We are going to finish this work, because the strength of this team has made it possible for us to get the best and put it at the service of this building, which today is a symbol in Punta del Este.”

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Looking at President Lacalle Pou, Garber said: “When it’s done, your country will have the best tower in South America”.

The speeches reflected the spirit of entrepreneurship that made possible the implementation of a project that seemed to founder a few years ago.

The Trump Tower for Punta del Este was part of the Trump Group’s 2007 plan to expand to Latin America, which at the end of 2011 was able to include contributions from investors to insert a super luxury tower on the resort’s Brava beach. In 2012 they officially announced the construction contract, with the goal of completing work in 2016.

In 2013, Trump’s children, Eric and Ivanka, came to Punta del Este for the project’s opening ceremony, and the visit was repeated in 2015 for a grand opening party.

The building was half-finished and work was halted in 2019 amid uncertainty, but a group of investors found a financial and legal formula to revive the project.This Friday got the opening gift with toasts and disco-soul music to celebrate the milestone.

This summer 2023, Punta del Este has a new attraction on its beach, a luxury complex, where Argentina’s presence is visible not only in summer, but all year round.

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