July 13, 2024

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Well, let’s talk about “Destiny 3” again

Well, let’s talk about “Destiny 3” again

once again, “Destiny 3It was popular all weekend. No news about it, of course, and I think this started with a few fan accounts like “Does anyone else want Bungie to do Destiny 3??” and it escalated from there.

Of course, it’s not unreasonable to think about Destiny 3 now. Bungie itself has stated that Destiny 2’s long-running Light and Darkness saga will end next year with The Final Shape. And Destiny 2 is a six-year-old game that can only move forward by constantly deleting old content, which is a rarity in the industry that has upset many fans. But the game is still popular, and more important than ever, after PlayStation’s acquisition of Bungie.

I’ll paraphrase my theory again: after The Final Shape, I believe there will be another trio of expansions based within Destiny 2 itself, as Bungie previously hinted there will be more epic stories Inside Destiny 2 After the struggle of light and darkness. This means that the last D2 expansion, in theory, will be around 2027, and what I believe will be on the cusp of a new generation of consoles. And if there is a Destiny 3 (which probably won’t be called Destiny 3), it will launch from there.

There’s a lot of talk about a “new engine” for Destiny 3, including some saying that Bungie should port Destiny to Unreal Engine 5, as has been the recent trend of several games of late, including Halo, for future projects. But a) engines don’t solve all problems, and b) an old engine can be upgraded and modified into something competitive. Also, if you switch engines, you may have trouble completely recreating the “feel” of the game that players love so much in the first place, which is obviously one of Destiny’s main draws. I’m just saying that all of Destiny 2’s problems currently can’t be reduced to the “engine” because it’s so much more complex than that. Even if the answer is yes, a brand new game will include some fixes, I certainly don’t expect to switch to UE5.

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There are pros and cons to Destiny 3 and how to deal with them. On the plus side, the “clean slate” approach after 7-10 years or whatever ends up happening again will take the game back to a place where new players can jump in and not really feel like years of lag, and not be told there’s a bunch of content they can’t play Absolutely because it was deleted.

Negatives? If this is really a clean slate, I’m not sure I’m excited to start it all over with zero vault and four new planets and then spend the next five or ten years “rewriting” everything again from Destiny 1 And 2 now. It’s been six years and we’re still pulling stuff back in from Destiny 1, and I specifically don’t want to repeat that process with every freak, hit, or area from the last two Destiny 2 games. Either find a way to keep most stuff and carry it at baseline, or forget it And don’t look back too much.

Then there are the complete unknowns. What will survive the trip to Destiny 3? I would put the entire Gambit on the endangered species list. And while I doubt Bungie will omit PvP entirely, what happens to all the maps? By the time Destiny 3 rolls around, will they finally be ready to get this part of the game ready, or will everyone be deep into their other multiplayer projects by then, maybe one or two of which have already launched? I have no idea.

It seems inevitable that Destiny 2 can’t live forever. But I don’t buy into the idea that we’re about to see Destiny 3 wipe the slabs clean in 2025 in Unreal Engine 5. It’s going to be a lot less cut and dried than that, and yeah, I think we’ll see more Destiny 2 expansions through the rest of this console generation, even if there is Kind of an update on the current game after Final Shape.

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