July 21, 2024

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Went to Switzerland to speak in an empty auditorium

Went to Switzerland to speak in an empty auditorium

President of the National Institute for Discrimination, Racism and Anti-Racism (INADI), Victoria Tonda, Traveled to Geneva, Switzerland Chairman of a forum Of United Nations, In front of an empty auditorium.

This is the fourteenth session of the forum United Nations Minorities.

Tonda’s participation was highly criticized on social media for the image provided by the event’s exchange: Room for less than ten people This raised the question of the need to have traveled to Switzerland and not to attend the forum via video conference.

At the beginning of the forum, Tonda clarified that the event is being held due to epidemic controls. Hybrid formWith complete room and zoom.

Photo posted by Victoria Tonda on her social media.

Tonda’s journey, structured in official action, passed amid controversy Eliminate installment funds for ticket purchases abroad.

Moreover, criticisms also arose Difficulties when the officer speaks English.

Although he did most of his contributions in Spanish, he had problems presenting the organizations participating in the forum. On several occasions he got stuck while studying and had to try several times.

Government sources not affiliated with the agreed diplomatic area Clarion: “Shame”. They also said of Vice President Christina Kirchner: “It’s time Officers who do not work should be fired, But it’s up to the president. “

The graduation ceremony of the President of Inadi was officiated by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Agnuth).

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“It is a recognition of the work of the body and especially of its current administration in developing a new national plan against discrimination, especially in 2022-2024,” they said in a press release duplicated by the agency. தெலம்.

Another picture shared by the officer while staying in Geneva.

Another picture shared by the officer while staying in Geneva.

The purpose of the forum, according to Tonda, is to “promote dialogue and cooperation on issues related to public policy and actions in protecting vulnerable groups.”

“Being considered a minority in most countries of the world is indeed a popular majority. That is why we must continue to work to recognize the processes and highlight the invisible in society,” the official said in his inaugural address to the forum. .

At the end of the event, Tonda also reviewed her personal story. “Argentina lived as a dictatorship in the 70s, it did not see us and left many suitable children. I’m one of those kids (…) Today I am a member of the State of Argentina because I believe that only by engaging in public policy can such genocide be prevented, ”he said in a speech on his social media network.

Your employee’s complaint

With his questionable participation in the UN, Tonda is once again at the center of a controversy. Complaint from domestic worker Because he kept her in black for ten years and offered her a social program as compensation.

Oswaldo Barsanti, Tonda’s domestic worker’s lawyer, said last January that the officer had denounced his client a contract with INADI or had written him off in the community program if he left work at home.

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On that occasion, the lawyer released an audio in which he told his staff: “What I am telling you is that you can write a plan or something and we can write you. If you leave, you must tell me because you will need to unsubscribe to sign up for the program. Similarly, you can pay after retirement. But I have to figure that out too. I also understand that you need your money. In the plans they charge around 10,000 pesos and the reviews may be closer to your home.

Last July, Tonda Dismissed by Federal Judge Sebastian Casanello. After being convicted in December 2020, the magistrate determined that the officer had not committed a legal offense.

Five months after the complaint was filed, Casanello concluded that there was no offense after inquiring whether the alleged administrative procedures for the appointment of Banda Axa at the anti-discrimination agency had been initiated at any time.

However, Attorney General Guillermo Marijuana has appealed for dismissal “The accused has been proven to have abused his status as a public official and made concessions to his personal interests,” he said.