June 2, 2023

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Wheel of Fortune fans have been baffled by the mystery: WTF is that


April 26, 2023 | 3:16 p.m

“Wheel of Fortune” fans are infuriated by the longtime game show for using an out-of-the-box procedure as an answer to a contestant’s bonus prize.

On Tuesday night’s episode, a contestant named Angela was only seven letters away from correctly completing and correctly guessing the bonus round puzzle, which would have ultimately sent her home with an additional $45,000.

After guessing the letters “M, H, D and O” to add to “What do you do?” class, she had 10 seconds to solve the puzzle, which read “_O_N_N_THE_R__.”

“Join cramp, join cra-, oh!” You messed up, you almost said “crap.”

“Join the bragging rights?!” I guessed as her final answer.

“Sorry!” Host Pat Sajak, 76, responded by running out of time. “Join the battle,” revealed the correct response.

Sajak encouraged Angela, saying, “I got to join… It was a really nice try,” and revealed that she missed out on the grand prize of $45,000.

“No problem,” she said, holding her head high when Sajjak showed her the large amount she had missed.

Angela does not solve the “Join the Battle” puzzle in time to win an additional $45,000.

English oysters He claims that the term “join the fray” means “to take part in a fight or argument that has already begun”.

While Angela still got $20,563 in winnings from the show, fans on social media criticized the show for choosing the phrase to start with.

“I’m smart, but this is stupid,” one person tweeted about the conundrum.

#Angela onWheelofFortune I got a piece of the CRAP bounty. I’ve never heard of “join the fight” before in my entire life. Can we get some kind of #sponsor to give this woman a #award ?????? what the hell is this mystery Come on now.#silly!!Let’s get this, one excited viewer chirp.

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Exactly!! I needed to get on Twitter and make sure I wasn’t the only one going “wtf is that!!” another person answered.

The contestant was a good sport about not solving a puzzle in time.

Whatever snooty New York Times crossword puzzle Harvard grad is doing JOINING THE FRAY needs to lower his expectations.. #wof #WheelOfFortune, reaction.

One added: “WheelofFortune WHAT THE HICK” JOIN THE FRAY? “I’m smart, but this is stupid.”

If solved correctly, Angela would have earned an additional $45,000.

Meanwhile, one viewer claimed the puzzle was “valid”.

WheelofFortune Just because some viewers have never heard of “Join the Battle” doesn’t mean it’s invalid. Those who complained, “Join the Battle” whether they knew it or not. What’s with all the hilarious haters? There are judges behind the camera who double check who they are. The answers, “hmm books.

last Agreed: “I had to come and check the rage to make sure, people hadn’t really heard the word ‘quarrel’. Don’t people read anymore? Shakespeare? Luther?”

The Post has contacted Wheel of Fortune representatives for comment.

In the latest “Wheel” shenanigans, co-host Vanna White, 66, visually reprimanded Sajak in a recent episode after revealing he plays a horrific prank on his wife every year on her birthday.


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