April 23, 2024

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When they left the fancy restaurant without paying the bill, the woman retaliated in the worst possible way

When they left the fancy restaurant without paying the bill, the woman retaliated in the worst possible way

A waitress in a restaurant He took a tough decision After a group of diners left the place without paying. On social networks, he described what happened and left a stern warning against those who left. His radical gesture went viral within hours.

Jessica GuerraA maid from California, USA. He gave a life lesson to one of the customers who committed the said act and showed the mighty vengeance he exercised.

The woman described the experience on TikTok

“To the girls who ran away without paying the bill, you left your glasses, dummy”, He began to elaborate in a video he shared on his TikTok account. He then proceeded to destroy this organ which was used to improve vision.

“I hope it’s your $125”He wrote in the description Clip And in this way he mentioned the unpaid amount. Immediately, the post received hundreds of provocative messages from his followers, who were concerned about the young women’s attitude and They advised us to file a complaint against them for the bad moment that happened.

“There is no need to leave without paying, how sad that they have to go through such situations”A user wrote: “I think the girls took it all as a joke, but they didn’t gauge what might happen,” said another. “I don’t think she saw it coming. As someone who has worked in the industry, I support you,” said a third. “She can never see this!”He highlighted one more.

However, others insisted Guevara’s actions, trampling on the glass, left them unable to be repaired. “You could have sold them”; “Did it occur to you that you could have donated them before destroying them for TikTok?”; Some messages left him saying, “It was very satisfying to bet on you, but it was very expensive.”

Messages left on posts by some usersTiktok @jurassicah

In the second shoot, the heroine of the story explained in detail the main reasons for her anger. There, he said, the restaurant’s owners made him pay the $125 bill out of pocket: “I became the main victim of what happened.”

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Video in a few days, with explanation of the girl Over 6 million and 1,000,000 views I love it. It still accumulates all kinds of events, reviews, positive reactions and comments.

In this way, the woman made it clear that a simple joke or a game between friends would produce results for the workers in the industry. Likewise, He promised that such a situation would never happen.

The woman broke the customer's glasses, a move that drew mixed reviews
The woman broke the customer’s glasses, a move that drew mixed reviewsTikTok @jurassicah

After the unfavorable experience she lived, Jessica gained a large reach and support in social networks. Thanks to this, he continues his work in the restaurant He also became a renowned content creator. Although she puts this negative experience aside, she hopes that it will not happen now and that she will be treated well by customers.