March 23, 2023

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Video: 132 killed in suspension bridge collapse in India – News

The death toll in India’s suspension bridge collapse yesterday has risen to 132, officials said today.

Around 500 people were celebrating the festival on the bridge in the state of Gujarat (west), when the incident took place.

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Dozens of people fell into the river as the building collapsed.

Police officer Ashok Kumar Yadav told AFP news agency today that the death toll now stands at 132, with 15 people being treated in hospital.

Other sources indicate that most of the victims were women and children.

The 233-metre suspension bridge, built during the British rule, was opened to the public this week after seven months of renovation work.

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Station NDTV The bridge was said to have reopened on Wednesday despite the lack of a safety certificate, and pictures released on Saturday showed it tottering.

After the wreckage, authorities started a rescue operation with divers to find the missing people.

Hundreds of army and navy personnel are involved in the rescue operation.

Officials planned to stop the water from a nearby control dam and use pumps to empty the river and speed up the search.