March 28, 2023

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Why international flight prices may go up further in coming days | “Flying will undoubtedly be more expensive,” they warn

CEO of Association International Air Transport Association (IATA), Willie Walshwarned that It is inevitable that the prices of flights will go up all over the world in the coming days. This is due to increase Fuel costs as a result of the war in Ukraine And demand has persisted two years after movement was curtailed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In this case, the Aeronautical Company has assured.Flying will be more expensive for consumers, no doubt”. “Higher oil prices” will “reflect in higher ticket prices,” he said. Walsh He explained that fuel prices are at record levels and “oil is the biggest commodity in terms of cost per plane”.

Inflation is related Actions by countries like the US and EU against Russia for the war in Ukraine. In this way, the US Govt It announced a total ban on oil imports from RussiaEU leaders have pledged to block most Russian oil imports.

Added to this is a complication Many airlines are canceling flights due to lack of staff. This is directly linked to the health situation for two reasons: on the one hand, many taxes during the epidemic reduced the number of workers due to the drop in demand; On the other hand, due to the sudden increase in demand after massive vaccination campaigns around the world.

“They’ve laid off a lot of people, and they’ve had issues with everything from traffic, passenger screening, ramp people. Even with crews they’ve somehow suspended or fired.” Aviation expert explained Carlos Rincelli For digital television.

And he added:There is a problem of re-engagement of employees. When they don’t offer you a flight from Buenos Aires, it’s not a product of Buenos Aires, but somehow they can’t provide the service according to what they sold.

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