February 27, 2024

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Why is it celebrated every January 21st?

Why is it celebrated every January 21st?

2024 – Hug. International day Hug To express a desire to show affection to loved ones, friends or family.

The celebration was developed in the 1980s by Kevin Zaborni, a psychologist at the University of Michigan in the United States and a graduate of Boston University.

Jaborni believed that people are usually under a lot of stress and if they hug each other more often, it will help improve their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

In 1986, the psychologist hired Chase to distribute annual calendars that included National Hug Day. Years later, the date crossed the line.

Ephemeris.  all day  (illustrative picture)
Ephemeris. all day (illustrative picture)

Benefits of Hugging

  • Security. People are fragile by nature, especially when we are children. A good dose of hugging helps you feel safe and confident.
  • More peace of mind, less stress. Every time we hug or receive a hug, our brain releases two substances: dopamine and serotonin. Both reduce stress and provide peace, tranquility and serenity.
  • love A man needs 14 hugs a day to feel fully loved. People who don't show affection suffer from something known in psychology as skin hunger, and have nothing more than a need for human contact.
  • functional. Hugs help people focus and function happily every day.
  • Less shy. It allows shy people to gain confidence and become more open, spontaneous and confident.
  • blood pressure. People who don't have a lot of physical contact have higher heart rates and blood pressure than those who hug more often.
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Ephemeris.  all day  (illustrative picture)
Ephemeris. all day (illustrative picture)

More anniversaries

1506 – Swiss Guard. A military organization was created in charge of security at the Vatican. Its headquarters are in front of the Pontifical Apostolic Palace.

The Pontifical Swiss Guard waits for the Pope to leave before the Easter celebration.  (AP)
The Pontifical Swiss Guard waits for the Pope to leave before the Easter celebration. (AP)

1823 – Cayetano Rodriguez. Cayetano José Rodríguez passed away in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 07/09/1816 Ducumán was a monk, poet and deputy in the Congress that declared Argentine independence.

1896 – A. Bunfield Club. A group of English merchants founded “El Talatro”. In the highest division of Argentine football, he became the champion in 2009.

1924 – Penny Hill. Alfred Hawthorne “Penny” Hill was born in Hampshire, England. Lead actor of “The Penny Hill Show” cycle, considered one of the best comedy shows in the world.

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1924 – Lenin. In 1917, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin, a key leader of the Bolshevik Revolution and supreme leader of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, died. He died in Leninsky, Russia.

Lenin.  Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, in 1918.  (AP/File)
Lenin. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, in 1918. (AP/File)

1941 – Placido Domingo. Placido Domingo was born in Madrid, Spain. Spanish singer and conductor, he was part of the trio Los Tres Tenors with José Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti.

1950 – Orwell. George Orwell died in London, England. The author and writer of novels such as “Animal Farm” and “1984”, created the concept of Big Brother.

1961 – Festival of Gasquin. The first edition of the Folk Festival was held on National Route 38 to promote tourism in the Department of Bunilla in the province of Córdoba.

1980 – George L. Borges. Cervantes receives the most important prize in Castilian literature at a ceremony presided over by the King of Spain in Madrid.

Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges.K
Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges.K

1984 – 1st Bon Jovi recording. Their self-titled debut album is on sale. It includes songs like “She Don't Know Me”, “Burning For Love” and “Runaway”.

1991 – Prince in Argentina. At the River Plate Stadium, the brilliant musician gave his first and only presentation in our country.

1994 – Firefighter Tragedy. 25 firefighters between the ages of 11 and 23 died in a fire in Puerto Madryn, Suput province.

25 volunteer firefighters between the ages of 11 and 23 died of suffocation while fighting a forest fire in Puerto Madryn.
25 volunteer firefighters between the ages of 11 and 23 died of suffocation while fighting a forest fire in Puerto Madryn.

2019 – Emiliano Sala. The footballer died in a plane crash when the small plane he was carrying crashed into the English Channel.

Other anniversaries

1287.- Capture of the island of Menorca from the Arabs by the Aragonese forces.

1793.- Louis XVI of France dies by guillotine in Paris.

1812.- Cortes of Cádiz created the Council of State.

1893.- The formula for Coca-Cola was patented, a drink that has been marketed and known throughout the world ever since.

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1919.— The first meeting of the Irish Parliament, at which the establishment of the Republic of this country was confirmed.

1921.- Communist Party of Italy founded in Livorno.

.- In Spain, the royal decree establishes workers' pensions, the first compulsory insurance for employees.

1954.- The first nuclear powered submarine “Nautilus” was launched in America.

1976.- The supersonic passenger plane “Concorde” began regular flights.

1977.- US President Jimmy Carter granted amnesty to refugees from Vietnam.

1982.- Gerardo Fernández Albor is sworn in as president of the Xunta de Galicia.

1991.- Norway's new king, Harald V, is sworn in to the constitution in parliament.

1994.- 25 volunteer firefighters, many of them children, died while fighting a fire in Puerto Madryn (Argentina).

1998.- John Paul II begins his visit to Cuba, the first papal visit to the island.

2000.- ETA kills Lt. Col. Pedro Antonio Blanco García in Madrid, the first attack since the ceasefire broke down in December 1999.

2001.- German Jutta Kleinschmidt became the first woman to win the Paris-Dakar Rally.

2002.- Four representatives of Sinn Féin, the political wing of the IRA, seize their offices in the British Parliament without giving up their political objective of reuniting the island of Ireland.

2008.- The Supreme Court condemns former president of the Basque Parliament Juan María Atutxa for disobeying judicial authority without disbanding the Sozialista Abertzaleak group. On June 13, 2017, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg agreed with Atutxa, finding that her right to a fair trial had been violated.

2009.- Congress authorizes the deployment of 395 soldiers to combat piracy in Somali waters.

2014.- A Valencia court has agreed to reopen the case of the Valencia Metro crash that killed 43 people on July 3, 2006.

2018.- Twenty people, 14 of them foreigners, were killed in an attack by the Taliban on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul.

2019.- Nearly 100 people were killed in an attack by the Taliban on an Afghan secret service base.

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2020.- The first case of the new coronavirus is confirmed in the United States.


1879.- Eduardo Marquina, Spanish writer.

1895.- Cristobal Balenciaga, Spanish couturier.

1905.- Christian Dior, French couturier.

1914.- Rafael Santos Toroella, Spanish poet and professor.

1918.- Marcelino Camacho, Spanish trade unionist.

1923.- Lola Flores, Spanish dancer, singer and actress.

1924.- Benny Hill, British comedian.

1933.- Julieta Serrano, Spanish actress.

1937.- Ernest Luch, Spanish professor and politician.

1940.- Jack Nicklaus, American golfer.

1941.- Placido Domingo, Spanish citizen.

1942.- Alberto Corazon, Spanish graphic designer and artist.

1953.- Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates.

1954.- José Luis Medina del Corral, Luchino, Spanish fashion designer.

1956.- Geena Davis, American actress.

.- Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, Spanish jurist and politician.

1957.- Juan Ignacio Soito, Spanish magistrate and politician.

1964.- Miguel Angel Rodríguez, Spanish journalist and politician.

1974.- Malena Alterio, Argentinian-Spanish actress.

1979.- Ramon Melendy, Melendy, Spanish singer and composer.

2004.- Ingrid Alexandra, Princess of Norway.


1883.— Jose de Salamanca, Spanish banker, lawyer and politician, Marquis of Salamanca.

1950.- George Orwell, British writer.

1958.- Atalpo Argenta, Spanish conductor.

1959.- Cecil B. de Mille, American film producer.

1964.- Luis Martin Santos, Spanish writer and physician.

1998.- Ana Maria de Vicente-Tutor, Spanish politician.

2002.- Adolfo Marsilach, Spanish actor, director and playwright.

.- Peggy Lee, American jazz singer.

2004.- Luis Cuenca, Spanish actor.

.- Carmina Gallo, Colombian soprano.

2006.- Ibrahim Rukova, writer and politician, first president of Kosovo.

2015.- Vince Camuto, American shoe designer.

.- Leon Britton, British politician.

2019.- Henry of Orleans, Duke of France, claimant to the throne of France.

2020.- Terry Jones, British actor, film director and screenwriter, member of the Monty Python team.

2021.- Jordi Fabregas, Spanish musician.

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