December 1, 2023

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“Without Complications”, Pope Francis’ Surgery for Intestinal Obstruction Completed: Details and Prognosis

“Without Complications”, Pope Francis’ Surgery for Intestinal Obstruction Completed: Details and Prognosis

He underwent a three-hour operation at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome. There, he already underwent colon surgery in 2021.

He Pope Francisco86, underwent emergency surgery this Wednesday under general anesthesia in Rome A bowel obstruction is a risk Incisional hernia, The Vatican confirmed what it described as intervention Completed “without problems”.

A statement from the Holy See Press Office said the move was ‚Äúdecided In the last days “This was necessitated by the medical team assisting the Holy Father because of the incision’s herniation, pain and deterioration,” according to Vatican News.

“Intervention Completed: It was done without complications and lasted three hours“, the news service of the Holy See told reporters.

After the operation, the Argentine Pope will face a long recovery. At least their investigations were put on hold On June 18.

Agostino Gemelli Hospital in Rome. Photo: EFE

The operation began at 4:00 pm in Rome (11:00 in Argentina). The papacy is needed “Several days” of hospitalization.

At the end of the general audience, Holy Father Francisco Agostino went to the Gemelli University Hospital, where he was au.Laparotomy and plastic surgery Abdominal wall with prosthesis.

Matteo Bruni, director of the Holy See press office, said this in a statement to journalists.


Details and forecast

Abdominal incisional hernia One of the problems Appears frequently after any type of abdominal surgical intervention.

The Pope has already undergone colon surgery at Gemelli Polyclinic in 2021. Surgery professor Sergio Alfieri, 55, performed the operation with the support of a wide specialist team.

The same surgeon operated on him on Wednesday.

Statue of John Paul II in front of Gemelli.  Photo: EFE
Statue of John Paul II in front of Gemelli. Photo: EFE

Hernias are treated with surgery A snare It reduces relapse, but does not eliminate it completely.

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Hernias can recur despite mesh placement.

Long recovery

expected Full recovery within 2 to 4 weeks Roughly. For several weeks after surgery, you should avoid straining or lifting heavy objects.

Matteo Bruni, director of the Holy See’s news service, said his medical team indicated that surgical intervention was “necessary” due to the severity of the symptoms presented by the supreme pontiff, and that he would need to be hospitalized for “several days”.

As far as he could tell Clarion, Francisco experienced “strong pain”.. He was taken to Gemelli Clinic on Tuesday “For restrictions”. It took about an hour and a half. The urgency of an intervention is defined there.

The Pope had already warned him about surgery for the same problem, but the pontiff refused, and he refused to operate on arthritis in his knees, which prevented him from walking normally. He underwent surgery in 2021.

What is an incisional hernia?


An incisional hernia or event This is swelling caused by a healthy incision in your stomach from a previous surgery.

An incisional hernia is usually caused by weakened tissues and muscles in your abdomen. The swelling is usually caused by one part of your intestine, but it can also be tissue or fat that pushes through weak areas.

Symptoms of hernia include pain, nausea, vomiting and bloating.

Urgent hernia medical care is the patient’s pain That’s seriousInter Elia.

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