February 23, 2024

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Back to Plague |  Comment

The political scene in the so-called West is permeated by the rhetoric and actions of the far right. In the United States, the European Union, and Latin America, hegemonic and racist voices are amplified, while policies aimed at punishing the most vulnerable, such as workers, religious groups, women, indigenous peoples, or immigrants, are promoted. Regarding Germany — one of the historical places where genocidal practices were imposed — the research website's investigation was published on January 10. Corrective It describes a debate held in Potsdam in November 2023 on a plan for mass deportation Not pure Germans to different countries of the world.

In Meeting Representatives, businessmen, civil society members called union of values, And senior representatives of the two political bodies, the Alternative to Germany (AfD, in its German acronym) and the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). A special feature of this meeting is that it is a few kilometers away from Vansee village. Conference Decided on January 20, 1942 The final solution The problem of the Jews is their destruction. 14 members participated in the Wannsee conference. In Potsdam the figure was 22. The main speaker at the recent talks was Austrian. Martin Selner (photograph)Described the characteristics of the scheme Resettlement, Euphemism used to indicate the need to excommunicate those who do not exhibit pure Germanic characters or who do not assimilate into appropriate cultural traits. On the same day the trial appeared, neo-Nazi deputy Rene Springer wrote on the social network X: “We will deport foreigners to their own countries. For millions of them. This is not a secret plan. It's a promise”.

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The Resettlement Proposes the expulsion of 10 million people and analyzes the purity of another 22 million who are descendants of non-Germans. Germany has a total population of 83 million people and a quarter of its citizens have an immigrant background, a figure that has been increasing since the 1950s to the present. Interestingly, the Potsdam and Wannsee programs are led by Austrians. In the first third of the 20th century and today, economic depression – stagnation, individualism, lack of empathic social relations and the supremacy of money as a deity – are used to identify scapegoats and initiate their collective punishment.

The German economy is projected to contract by 0.3 percent during 2023 and is no longer considered the engine of European manufacturing. One of the reasons for this deviation was the severing of energy ties with the Russian Federation and the acquisition of other suppliers – especially the Americans – which created a 30 percent increase. Another aspect, of a more symbolic and subjective nature, was the fear of a new military surrender against those who had captured Berlin and surrendered the German army in April 1945. Again the feeling of being defeated – this time as one or part of the 31-member Ottoman Alliance – appears as an omnipresent specter. Imagining marches in Moscow seems like a nightmare lurking in the German imagination and the far right is beginning to shift these fears towards new internal enemies, especially immigrants and Muslims.

They subscribe to the doctrine in order to provide realism and to instill terror in society – while masking discomfort with an imminent Russian victory. Great alternativeAn adaptation The Nuremberg LawsThat You have justified the persecution of Jews and those who cannot prove their Germanic purity. According to this conspiracy theory, there is a conspiracy by non-white immigrants to replace the native population. Those talks are not only in Europe but also in America. That Great alternative -It is said to be promoted by Africans, Islamists and/or Latin Americans, supported by both Trump and Meloni in Italy.

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The The Afd is the country's second largest party after the Christian Union coalition (CDU/CSU). There is speculation that it will attract a fifth in the next elections to the European Parliament. From the investigation Corrective Huge rejection demonstrations were held in various German cities, and a petition to ban the Nazi organization was suddenly launched, reaching nearly a million signatures. However, analysts are pessimistic about its outcome: a recent ban case – related to another far-right group, the National Democratic Party (NPD) – was dismissed by the court. “He does not have the necessary weight to achieve the objectives of acting against the government.”

Plague, as Albert Camus wrote, lives in the fold until it resumes its hegemonic and genocidal will.