June 1, 2023

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Blue dollar and dollar today: This Tuesday, April 25, minute by minute | This is how it works for buying and selling

Doubts due to a strong increase in the currency exchange of Mediterranean shipping

By Mara Petrazoli

Shipping company Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), Some significant data on overseas remittances, the world’s largest, has set alarm bells ringing in the government. The company has kept the volume of cargo operated in Argentina unchanged over the past three years, but the currency exchange will practically double in 2022. The official suspicion is that the company accessed dollars for direct remittance at the official exchange rate for “freight services and others”. Using the difference due to the exchange rate gap, to the parent company. Since these are transactions between related entities, they are considered a cover for exchanging currencies at exchange rates that are not applicable to financial transactions.

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The blue dollar opens at 462 pesos

He The dollar is blue List this Tuesday $462 For sale And $457 to purchase. At Banco Nación, there is the official dollar $ 226 For sale And $218 to purchase.

The Bovespa index fell 0.54% in early Sao Paulo stock market trading

The Bovespa index hit 103,387.62 points on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange today, having recorded a 0.54% decline earlier in the day.

Meanwhile, the dollar rose 0.25% on the exchange and traded at an average of 5.0490 reais per unit, Bloomberg News reported.

Country risk is at 2,624 points

Country risk stood at 2,624 basis points on Tuesday, according to an index prepared by JP Morgan.

How Chile’s Lithium Nationalization Affects Argentina

By Natalie Rizzo

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Chilean President Gabriel Boric last week announced a national strategy to develop Chilean lithium, focusing on the state’s participation in the entire production cycle and a commitment to scientific and technological development to add value. It is. within the country. Given its similarity to Argentina due to its geographical location, quality and quantity of resources, Page I12 He highlighted how, on the one hand, he consulted with different actors in different sectors in Argentina to measure the impact that the announcement could have on the development of the country’s production chain. Argentina is becoming more attractive to attract investmentWhen it’s over Value addition within the region has lagged behind competition.

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Markets open and the dollar begins to quote

He The dollar is blue is open $462 For sale And $457 to purchase. At Banco Nación, there is the official dollar $ 226 For sale And $218 to purchase.

Soybean sales and the farm dollar

Soybean producers sold more than 102,000 tonnes at the start of the third week of the Export Increment Program (PIE), which maintains an exchange rate of $300 per dollar for oilseed exports until March 31. Next May.

In addition, foreign exchange earnings from agricultural exporters to the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC) reached nearly US$ 106 million.

The economy grew just 0.2% year-on-year in February

The Economic activity February saw a 0.2 percent growth compared to the same month last year, while registering no growth compared to January. In turn, it rose by 1.6 percent in the first two months of the year compared to the same period last year. Published by INDEC this Monday, the economy is starting to enter a tipping point Stagnation Due to various factors like drought and external stresses.

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Oil records losses in New York and London

A barrel of crude oil traded lower in New York and London international markets.

Raw West Texas Intermediate (WTI)Action on the New York Futures Market (Nymex) was trading down 0.29% this morning $78.53 A barrel in contracts with delivery in June.

Similarly, oil North Sea BrentLondon Electronic Market (ICE) did so, losing 0.28% and barreling down. $82.50 Also in contracts for June, according to a report by Bloomberg Agency.

Meanwhile, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) closed its basket of crude oil yesterday $82.30 a barrelCompared to the previous day’s US$ 81.86, this represents an increase of 0.53%.

Europe’s stock markets are running with a negative sign

Europe’s major stock markets were in losses, according to data from Bloomberg agency.

United Kingdom. FTSE: -0.28%

France. ACC: -0.67%

Germany. DAX: -0.08%

Spain. IBEX: -1.20%

Italy. FMIB: -0.95%

Equity markets in the Asia Pacific region ended lower

Major stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region closed on a negative note, according to data from Bloomberg agency.

Japan. Nikkei: +0.09%

China. Shanghai: -0.32%

China. Shenzhen: -1.69%

Hong Kong. Hong Kong: -1.71%

Korea. Kospi: -1.37%

Taiwan Taix: -1.64%

Massa puts the administration in place and his team heads to Washington

By Leandro Reno

At his most delicate moment, the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, went out for the first time to show his agenda all week, in a clear gesture, not to stop the expansion of the blue dollar and the funds that increase foreign exchange earnings (MEP and CCL). In parallel, official sources have confirmed this Page I12 As the newspaper reported in its Sunday edition, an economic group will travel on Thursday to conclude a “rebalancing” of the entire deal with the Monetary Fund (IMF).

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Political noise perpetuates currency crisis

By Raul Dellatore

Political tensions continue to be reflected in the exchange market. Expectations related to the week’s news regarding some agreement with the IMF or the possible definitions of Crsitina Fernández de Kirchner regarding the electoral political flight were related to the price of the exchange dollars. The blue, or equivalent, rose 30 pesos during the day, as a result of disruptive movements in the bid between supply and demand, and then closed at 462 pesos (20 more than Friday’s close). In fact, when this happens in the very small —and controlled by a few — market of caves, the currencies traded on the stock market have had a very modest positive behavior, almost 5 percent against one percent. An increase in blue. Liquidated cash ended the day at 458 paise and MEP, 444 paise.

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