December 3, 2023

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West alert: North Korean regime changes constitution to register nuclear status

West alert: North Korean regime changes constitution to register nuclear status
The North Korean regime changed its constitution to register its nuclear status. (EFE/Archive)

The rule of Kim Jong-un Attached to Constitution of North Korea The status of Nuclear powerThis was confirmed by the official news agency on Thursday KCNA

“The DPRK’s (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) policy of developing nuclear power is permanently established as the basic law of the state, and no one can deviate from it in any way,” the North Korean dictator said during the meeting. Accordingly, the People’s Assembly of the country held on Tuesday and Wednesday KCNA

Addressing Parliament, he said it was a “very important” step. “Accelerating the Modernization of Nuclear Weapons to Maintain the Ultimate Advantage of Strategic Deterrence.”

A year ago, the People’s Assembly passed legislation declaring North Korea a nuclear power, and Kim said the situation was “irreversible.” The law also allowed banning of these types of weapons.

Now, this legislative body controlled by the North Korean leadership has gone a step further and enshrined this position in the constitution itself.

“This is a historic event that provides powerful political support to significantly strengthen national defense capabilities,” Kim Jong-un concluded.

Dictator Kim Jong-un called it a “very important” step to “accelerate the modernization of nuclear weapons.” (Europe Press)

The announcement came a day after the Pyongyang dictatorship again threatened nuclear war on the Korean peninsula. “The continued hysteria of the United States and its allies in a nuclear conflict (…) is bringing the Korean Peninsula to a military situation on the brink of nuclear war,” Pyongyang’s diplomat warned. Kim songUN

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The North Korean regime has conducted an unprecedented number of weapons tests this yearSpeculation has grown over the test, the seventh in its history and the first since 2017.

This has heightened tensions with South Korea and the United States, which have intensified joint military exercises in the region.

Diplomacy has stalled and the possibility of negotiations to denuclearize the peninsula appears slim.

South Korean and U.S. forces this week began naval exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan that included live-fire and anti-submarine exercises. (known as the East Sea in both Koreas) in response to Pyongyang’s recent actions.

Two maritime patrol aircraft and nine ships took part in the exercise, which lasted until Wednesday, including two submarines and a South Korean naval destroyer.

A destroyer participated on the American side USS Shoop Structured Aegis And ship USS Robert Smalls.

The North Korean regime has conducted an unprecedented number of weapons tests this year. (REUTERS/FILES)

The drills are “designed to strengthen allies’ operational capabilities at a time when nuclear and missile threats are intensifying, including North Korea’s recent launch of what it claims is a space-launched missile vehicle and the delivery of a new submarine”. provided by Washington And Seoul.

A couple of weeks ago Pyongyang has launched a new “tactical nuclear attack submarine”.Its first submarine was capable of launching ballistic missiles (SSB) and was designed for operational capability.

In turn, Kim Jong-un’s regime launched a space rocket on August 24, unsuccessfully attempting to put its first military spy satellite into orbit.

It was the second failed attempt by North Korea this year, after it announced in October that it was trying to put a spy satellite back into Earth’s orbit.

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(With information from AFP and EFE)