February 7, 2023

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Alberto Fernandez attends the inauguration of Gabriel Boric as Chile’s new president and holds a bilateral meeting.

Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff talks with Argentine President Alberto Fernandez at the National Congress in Valparaiso. REUTERS / Ivan Alvarado

President Alberto Fernandes attended the inauguration of the country’s new president, Gabriel Boric, at the Chilean National Congress this afternoon in Valparaiso, the youngest Trans-Andean politician to accept the post at the age of 36. The head of state of Argentina traveled with a large delegation to Santiago de Chile and then to Valparaiso. From there, he will travel to Vina del Mark, where he will have an official lunch with other invited heads of state and other officials.

The delegation departed this Friday at 7 a.m. and arrived in Santiago de Chile at 9:15 p.m. For the president, the visit is important because he sees the war as an important ally in the region. They are many ideological coincidences and two Aimed at strengthening the “progressive” section of South AmericaBetween 2020 and 2021 two left-wing candidates have won in this part of the continent, such as Luis Ars in Bolivia and Pedro Castillo in Peru.

The goodwill with Boric, who will be following in the footsteps of right-winger Sebastian Pinera, was reflected in the special request made by the new Chilean president, Fernandes, to have both. Speakers only at snacks The question will take place after lunch at the Presidential Palace of Zero Castillo in the city of del Mar. The two will also hold a bilateral meeting.

Upon arriving in Congress, Alberto Fernandez, in a statement to local media, assured his country’s government of “the arrival of Gabriel Borik”. “Not just a hope for the Chilean people, but an expectation throughout Latin America.”And noted: “We have a common view on many issues with the President and we think the same way.”

Alberto Fernandez was welcomed at the Santiago de Chile airport.
Alberto Fernandez was welcomed at the Santiago de Chile airport.

Alberto Fernandez was one of the first to congratulate Borik on his December 19 ballot victory over far-right candidate Jose Antonio Cast. Borick, who joined several broad-based left-leaning groups in his Social Coordinating Party, in alliance with I Abrew Dignity, defeated Cost by 12 points (56% to 44%) after his rival in the first round. 27.9% to 25.8% prevailed.

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Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Kirschner also hastily congratulated the war on her Twitter account for her victory in those elections. In a 10-minute phone call with the Argentine president, Borick said that his first foreign trip was to our country.

“Congratulations to you and Chile. You have a friend here, you are invited to come to Argentina anytime, and I hope your first trip will be to Argentina ”, The president wrote him a letter and said, “We need to take care of ourselves and work together for this region.”

Foreign Minister Santiago Gofiro, who is part of the Argentine delegation on the other side of the Cordillera, explained in a conversation with reporters organized by the Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI) in December, just hours after Borik’s victory. Argentina’s mission is to strengthen gas exports to Chile, promote the establishment of a foreign cable that can reach Australia to increase trade with Asian countries, and seek to increase trade between the two countries.

Smile during a conversation between Alberto Fernandez, Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro and Deputy Dolosa Boss before leaving Santiago de Chile for Valparaiso.
Smile during a conversation between Alberto Fernandez, Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro and Deputy Dolosa Boss before leaving Santiago de Chile for Valparaiso.

Kafiro and Buenos Aires National Vice President Victoria Tolosa Boss reviewed the lines of his speech after a formal meal with Fernandes just minutes before departure at the airport in Santiago de Chile.

The Argentine president and his entourage will spend a few hours in Chile. An hour and a half after Fernandez met with former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Fernandez is expected to host a luncheon honoring Boric and his wife’s leaders and leaders. The state and / or government is located in the Cerro Castillo Presidential Palace, located 140 kilometers south of Viña del Mar, and is used as the resting place of all Chilean presidents. Then snacks and the traditional “family photo” will be made.

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Due to the Govt-19 epidemic, only 500 people can attend the Borik inauguration ceremony and they must have a complete immunization schedule. Seats will be placed in place of seats in order to adhere to the social space.

Bilateral meetings hosted by Alberto Fernandez

Due to his brief stay in Chile, the agenda for meetings with other presidents attending the inauguration of the war will not be as extensive. Similarly, Alberto Fernandez will meet his Peruvian ally Pedro Castillo with Kafiro. He will also hold talks with Bolivian President Louis Ars and Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

Kafiro, for his part, will hold two meetings as foreign minister with Guatemala, Mario Bucaro and Rodolfo Solano Guerrero of Costa Rica.

In addition to his foreign minister, the delegation will include San Juan Governor Sergio Yunak; Defense Minister Anibal Fernandez; Ministers of Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth Gomez Alcorda and Health, Carla Vicotti and Presidential Spokeswoman Gabriela Cheruti.

Secretaries of the Presidency General, Julio Vitobello and Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Belize will also be part of the delegation; National Representatives, Ana Carolina Gaylord, Maria Liliana Babonet and Victoria Tolosa Boss; National Vice President, Leonardo Grosso; Victoria Tonda, President of the UN; Presidential Adviser, Dora Barrancos; And the grandmother of Plaza de Mayo, Estella de Carlotto and Buscarita Rowe.

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo met Gabriel Bori shortly after taking office as President of Chile.  The two will hold bilateral meetings with Alberto Fernandez this Friday.
Peruvian President Pedro Castillo met Gabriel Bori shortly after taking office as President of Chile. The two will hold bilateral meetings with Alberto Fernandez this Friday.

Other presidents attending the inauguration ceremony

Other leaders participating in the official process of sanctifying the war Luis Lacalle Pou (Uruguay), Pedro Castillo (Peru), Mario Abdo Benítez (Paraguay), Luis Arce (Bolivia), Guillermo Lasso (Ecuador) and Luis Abinader Corona (Dominican Republic).

Borick also invited writers Sergio Ramirez and Giogonda Belle (exiled in Spain), two dissidents of the Daniel Ortega regime in Nicaragua, who were two of the 26 special guests at the ceremony. One of the presidents who rejected the invitation was Brazilian Jair Bolzano, who had already confirmed in mid-January that he would not be there, perhaps avoiding a confrontation with his rival Lula da Silva in this year’s presidential election in Brazil. He sent his deputy, Hamilton Maura, as his representative.

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Although both belonged to left-wing parties in Latin America, Lula decided not to join the war. The recipient was Colombian Gustavo Pedro, who aspired through a historic deal to win an internship in his country that would allow him to run for the presidency on May 29th.

Another important person already in Chile was the King of Spain, Philip VI, accompanied by the country’s second vice president, Minister of Labor and Socio-Economy Yolanda Díaz: Minister for Equality, Irene Montero and Minister for Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation, Jose Manuel Albarez.

On behalf of Mexican Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the country’s first lady Beatrice Gutierrez Mல்லller traveled, who had already held a meeting with Boric this Thursday. The same thing happened to the famous trans-Andean writer Isabel Allende.

Alberto Fernandez has been involved in the inauguration ceremonies of two South American presidents since he took office in December 2019. In July last year he traveled to Lima for Pedro Castillo’s inauguration, before which he was in November 2020. Attended Louis Ars in La Paz. In May 2021, he did not go to Guillermo Lasso in Ecuador because at that time the health condition of Argentina due to the epidemic went through a second wave. That is why then-Foreign Minister Philip Sola did it instead.

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