December 2, 2023

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Alberto Fernández’s Speech at the UN: Criticism of the IMF and Demand for the Malvinas | “The global financial structure helps to concentrate income to a very few”

Alberto Fernández’s Speech at the UN: Criticism of the IMF and Demand for the Malvinas |  “The global financial structure helps to concentrate income to a very few”

President Alberto Fernandez He addressed the United Nations General Assembly this Tuesday in his last address as President. “The world is undergoing a period of change”He said in a presentation that he criticized the International Monetary Fund, called for an end to economic sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela and demanded sovereignty over the Malvinas, among other points.

The speech lasted nearly 20 minutes, and began with a reminder of how the past few years had “ended the lives of more than 15 million people” and were marked by climate change and the effects of the war on Ukraine. He pointed out in this regard “The war dragged on and unleashed massive energy and food crises”While there is a “technological revolution,” “artificial intelligence is forcing us to rethink education.”

against the background

The focus of his speech was a critique of finance. “We can’t keep talking about problems while walking along a ledge”He went on to explain that the “global financial framework helps to concentrate income only among the few,” emphasizing “the same legacy policies that have deepened inequality.”

He pointed out “They promote cheap labor rather than dignity of work” And “it’s time to promote social justice in the world.” Along these lines, he said, “the Federal Reserve cannot maintain the same recipes while raising rates. Countries with high debt burdens are charged extra”.

He also criticized the fund for financing Ukraine “in a war that has brought inflation all over the world, especially in food products” while charging additional fees. He also revealed “Today we are witnessing the effects of the accumulated crisis after the financial collapse of 2008”.

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In another column, he said, “Argentina sees diversity as the best tool to find solutions.” He remembered it “Countries of the Global South share ideas on development, peace, cooperation and security”. And Argentina resumed “the path of integration with Latin America and the Caribbean”, “in events seeking peace, cooperation and justice”.

“The region faces a historic opportunity: the world has the potential to demand. Development depends on harnessing itInfrastructural works to allow competition,” he asserted.

Democracy and Human Rights

“I represent a country that will celebrate 40 years of democracy in 2023, that has learned from its historical past and never repeats the violation of human rights, and promotes memory, truth and justice as the policy of the state,” he reminded the Assembly. after that Noting UNESCO’s decision to add exESMA to the World Heritage List, it “maintains a memory that deniers want to cancel”..

“We know the horror of the disappearance of 30,000 people We call for adherence to the condemnation against disappearances,” he added, while underlining that “human rights are universal.”

Terrorism, Cuba and Venezuela

“We condemn terrorism in all its forms, which are an affront to human dignity, and must be fought within the framework of the rule of law,” he said at another time. He said about this “We continue to investigate the 1992 and 1994 attacks on the Israeli Embassy and AMIA.”. “We want those responsible to be identified, investigated and condemned, and we ask Iran to cooperate,” he stressed, adding that Interpol’s red alerts remain in place and that no country should harbor the perpetrators. 1994 attack.

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Then criticized The “permanence” of the embargo on Cuba, which is “unacceptable”, given the massive vote against it at the UN every year. He called for the island to be “removed from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism” and called for “no more US sanctions on Venezuela”.

Appeal to the Malvinas

Finally, he spoke Falklands. He claimed Argentina’s sovereignty over the southern archipelago, recalling that the islands had been “illegally occupied for almost two centuries” by the United Kingdom, and highlighted Argentina’s desire to: “We want to negotiate”. In addition to militarizing the South Atlantic, I regret that the British have “condemned the signing of unilateral measures” to the negotiating table.

“We are committed to a peaceful solution to this inhumane situation. We have proposed negotiations.”Referring to joint efforts to identify the remains of Argentine soldiers who fell in the 1982 conflict, he closed.