April 14, 2024

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Andrés Malamud at LDO: When the ruling party wins, it’s because the opposition parties do things so badly

Andrés Malamud at LDO: When the ruling party wins, it’s because the opposition parties do things so badly

Renowned political analyst Andrés Malamud explains what is happening in Argentina and Latin America with political organizations and parties.

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to Andres MalamudIn an environment of high inflation, if the ruling party wins the next election, it is because the opposition parties make mistakes. That was direct Freedom of expression When asked what he observes in political parties ahead of this year’s presidential election.

“Politics Argentina is a mess. There is a breakdown. This is also happening in party organizations in South America. We see electoral fragmentation, high voter turnout. On the other hand, a political amateur. Many more leaders have no experience in negotiation. The connection between voters and politicians has weakened. It is also found in Peru, Colombia and Chile. and exposed Outsiders, which is sometimes more intense and other times less intense. In Argentina, we are on that path of decay,” said the famous political scientist.

In a specific analysis of the electorate by context of last Sunday’s elections in Rio Negro and Neuquen, Malamud said the drop in participation rates was the most significant. A political scientist with a degree in UPA had over 80% participation in the elections for the return of democracy. In the last elections less than 70% of the electorate voted.

“Over time, party identities were inherited. If Dad had been there, many people would have been terrorists. Or if his grandmother had been, she was a Peronist. We observe innovative phenomena. Example is Neuquén (lost MPN after 60 years). Today those who recognize themselves as Peronists and extremists are a minority group and it is difficult to talk about the name PRO, are they prostas or macrostas? Argentina is diluting its historic institutions rather than creating new ones. There is a reduction in the participation rate. It is not a good sign for people to stay home angry. But it’s not too serious,” he added.

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Will Javier Mili be an outsider? Do you fit into that group?

– Milei is something similar. Millay says ‘to blow everything up’, and Macri says ‘to blow up almost everything’. They obey Mili’s speech. If he talks like that and has more than 20 percent voter turnout, it is because he finds deep feelings among the voters. And because it finds that politics doesn’t work. The question is whether the cure is worse than the disease.

for poop, High inflation is crucial for upcoming elections. He also analyzed that the ruling parties in Latin America have not fared well since 2018. “Since 2018, no ruling party has won the presidential election. The situation in Latin America is so bad that all ruling parties are losing. Additionally, Argentina has 100 percent inflation. “For the ruling party to win, the opposition has to be very bad,” he explained.

In another part of his detailed analysis Freedom of expression, he elaborated on the Massa-Cristina connection. Rumors are rife that the current Economy Minister may submit his resignation this Tuesday. Some spokespeople hinted that he was determined to leave the Frente de Todos, which put the market on alert. The blue dollar closed higher at around $420, an unprecedented price. The Treasury chief continues to deepen his ties to Washington and some already see him as the president.

Malamud explained the position of head of the economic portfolio and said it is important for Latin America because Brazil manages its relationship with Russia and China better. “Christina has one of her worst historical enemies: Sergio Massa. Not only did he face her in the election, he also called her and her husband corrupt. Except when he denounced them in the US Embassy”.

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-Would Massa be a moderate candidate?

-Kirchnerism is always about supporting a moderate centrist candidate when it can’t support an election. They already did it with Cioli with Alberto Fernandez. They can do it with masa. For them, the scenario is not very promising. I would place Massa among the moderates who sit down to talk with the opposition. Massa has no problem sitting with anyone. He did not hide his relationship with Loretta or Morales.

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