April 25, 2024

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IHU variant: are these signs of a new mutation, are they micron-like?

France The diagnosis was announced this Monday Corona virus is a new variant of IHU o B.1.640.2, of African descent and with 46 mutations, this one Potential risk of becoming highly resistant to currently developed vaccines.

This discovery took place for the first time in the southern part of the country and was analyzed by researchers Mediterranean Infectious Diseases University Hospital (IHU) Located in Marseille.

IHU: Why is the new variant of the Covid-19 called from Cameroon?

Three micron signs that require “emergency medical help”

“The IHU variant has 46 mutations. This raises fears that the IHU may be more resistant to existing vaccines.”The panel of experts warned in a statement.

At least 12 people tested positive for the corona virus with the IHU in the Marseille area, among them Some needed mild medical assistance, while others were hospitalized.

Where was IHU diagnosed and what were the signs of a new corona virus variant?

The researchers said that this was the first corona infection to occur Variation IHU It was discovered by an adult traveling to Cameroon from a small town in southeastern France.

He was diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 during an RT-PCR test at a private medical biological laboratory. “The person developed mild respiratory symptoms the day before the positive”They pointed out.

So far 46 mutations have been identified in this new strain. “Their tests show that this SARS-CoV-2 strain contains the N501Y mutation, which was first found in the alpha variant, which may be more contagious.” E484K has a mutation that makes it highly resistant to vaccines.French researchers explained.

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Corona virus in Argentina: registration of infections and social distribution of micronutrients

The Ministry of Health This Tuesday 81,210 new corona virus cases were detected, the highest number of daily registrations since its inception. Infectious disease in Argentina.

Meanwhile, 49 deaths were calculated and 1,218 were admitted to intensive care units.

“We expected these cases to increase. There is a social circulation of micron variation”, I recognized Sonia Targona, In a conversation with the Cabinet Chairman of the Ministry of Health Continental radio.

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