July 13, 2024

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At least 11 people died and 4 were injured

At least 11 people died and 4 were injured

It happened at a place in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. The man has not been arrested yet.

At the very least 11 people died and 4 people were injured A bar in the city was set on fire by an unidentified person San Luis Rio Colorado, MexicoAfter he was expelled from the place.

On his official Twitter account, the prosecution described the events as taking place in the early hours of Saturday morning after a man threw some kind of substance while intoxicated. Molotov cocktail at the bar’s doors after being kicked out by local staff.

So far it has been revealed that among the dead Seven males and four femalesThe injured were transferred to hospitals in San Luis, north of the country and bordering the United States.

“According to the versions of several witnesses, a young, male-looking person disrespected women in the bar, for which he was removed from it, and then returned and threw a type of ‘Molotov’ bomb at the doors of the building, causing the incident,” investigative sources described.

Therefore, elements of the Criminal Investigation Ministerial Agency (AMIC) and specialist services work on site in coordination with federal, local and municipal governments to track down the alleged perpetrator.

Pictures posted on social media showed heavy flames and people outside screaming.There are people inside”.

Meanwhile, the municipal president of San Luis Río Colorado, Santos González Yescas, expressed his regret over the events, which he described as “a tragedy that grieves the entire community.”

Further, civil defense personnel and municipal fire fighters are also participating in investigations to find the culprit of the incident, the official said.

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“We will monitor the development of the investigations and follow up on the care of the injured,” González told local reporters.

That same month, Sonora officials announced an increase in the number of elements of the Mexican military and National Guard agents to monitor the area due to an increase in violence along the border with the United States.

San Luis Rio Colorado is a city in the middle of the desert that stretches between Sonora and Arizona and is a regular crossing point for immigrants entering the United States illegally.


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