June 1, 2023

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Changes after Isabel II’s death: Hymns, coins and banknotes are replaced

death Queen Isabel II Marking the beginning of a change New regime That will bring changes in many aspects United Kingdom. One of them would be to modify Symbols of patriotism as Anthem, Military symbol, Rupee notes, Coins, signs of real properties, company mottos, among others. However, only the Queen’s name, image and portrait were removed It takes time But there will be Expensive.

After Isabel II’s death, her son Carlos would ascend the throne. (Photo: TN)

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Although the changes will start gradually, the most significant will be:

National anthem

The United Kingdom’s national anthem is one of the symbols that will undergo changes after the Queen’s death. Its lyrics are “God Save the Queen”, which translates into Spanish as: “God Save the Queen”. In this way, it should be changed”God save the king“one”God save the king”.

Before Elizabeth’s accession to the throne and during the reign of King George VI, the anthem was “God bless our King, George the Great. Long live our noble King, God save the King,” so changes to the anthem could go beyond “God Save the King.”

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Flags and Banners

The Flags That flutters outside the stations policeman of the United Kingdom, as well as those used Government ships, when on a general board, they are printed with the initials EIIR, which is to be changed to the abbreviation of Elizabeth II Regina and the letters of the new monarch. You have to adapt Individual flags The Queen’s name, used when she visited one of the countries where she was still head of state, is now to be replaced by her son Carlos.

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Changing is also possible State standard It wakes up wherever the king resides. As the banner symbol was used Local Govt as well as in Official stationery.

Farewell to the Queen.  (Photo: Victoria Jones/AP)
Farewell to the Queen. (Photo: Victoria Jones/AP)

British currency

They want currency New Coins and Banknotes with portrait of King Those with the image of a queen will slowly begin to retreat. New currency will be printed and distributed throughout United Kingdom Although there will be changes in currencies too Canada, New Zealand and the Eastern CaribbeanL.

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Official signs and royal orders

Now King Carlos can change His real name By right of the English Monarchy. Carlos can keep him as his mother or choose another as his grandfather. Once you select the name, they will start printing Official signs and symbols for your royal name It will be used in various government agencies. Royal Warrants or Queen’s Royal Warrants applicable to businesses must also be replaced.

The mailboxes are stamped with the Queen's initials, which will change to the new monarch's name.  (Photo: Pixabay)
The mailboxes are stamped with the Queen’s initials, which will change to the new monarch’s name. (Photo: Pixabay)By: Songquan Deng | Getty Images/iStockPhoto

Post mailboxes

Mailboxes have stamps initials of the queen, which becomes the new king. Stamps need to be changed for Carlos’ new film.

Military symbol

Police and military also need new Symbols on their helmetsIt now bears the Queen’s initials and a number representing her reign.

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British passport currently registered Purana: “Requests and demands in the name of her majesty (her, in English, which signifies a feminine title) to all who allow the bearer to pass freely without hindrance”, so it should be changed to ” his” to represent a male figure.

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