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Chavez’s brother Juan Martin Guevara: “His image appears everywhere because the world situation is equal or worse than he wanted to change” | 54 years after the death of the revolutionary

Chavez’s brother Juan Martin Guevara: “His image appears everywhere because the world situation is equal or worse than he wanted to change” |  54 years after the death of the revolutionary

54 years after the execution From Ernesto Guevara In Bolivia, its image and way of life have been transformed into the symbol, reference and support of political identities, still standing for meaning in the field of controversy and refusing to stamp a distinctive meaning.

In contact with AM750, Juan Martin Guevara He described how he learned of his brother’s death, reviewed his last days and said that Chavez’s legacy would continue as long as there was inequality in the world.

“Many people in Argentina think Che is more Cuban than Argentina. He said in a speech that it is not surprising that an Argentine went to war in Cuba because Marty lived there and Marty talked about the United States. Che has always said that he felt great in Mexico, Guatemala in Guatemala and Peru in Peru, but in his essence he is Argentina and he will never forget his partner and barbecue. “, Expressed in a conversation with Juan Martin Felicitas is not gone On 40 hours.

October Team Juan Martin Guevara

How did you find the news of Che’s death?
I found out the next day when I saw your photo in the newspapers. At the time, he was working in the distribution of dairy products. I woke up early and soon saw his image in the newspapers. I had to work all day wondering if this was true because they had given the same message multiple times. But that fold was shocking to me because it immediately made me feel like it. I met my family after I finished work and we discussed whether it was false news or not. There it was decided to go to Bolivia to identify the body of my brother Roberto. He traveled, but the Bolivian army did not want to show him the body. Then, from Cuba, they told us they were sure the body belonged to Seva.

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-What can you reconstruct from Chai’s last days?
-Many intelligence services operating in Bolivia at the time, it is difficult to reach the exact truth. I firmly believe that Che was assassinated and did not die in battle. The news reached the United States that “they had captured Dad” and they issued an order to shoot the prisoner from the United States.

Will the image of your brother change over time?
-Instead of changing the image of my brother, it made me more. I always say I am the blood brother of Ernesto Guevara, but I am also a partner in Chain’s ideas. My intimacy with him is with his thoughts, actions and thoughts. What he wrote and did. When he talks about people he is talking about man exploiting man. This is his opinion, which is why he is the enemy of capitalism, taken over by a few by others.

What was said in your house about the path chosen by Che?
-Say’s path is a whole process. He will not become Che Guevara overnight. There is a whole path we have learned from his letters. There are two important moments along the way, one of which, in hindsight, makes them realize what it means. One is in Guatemala (Juan Jacobo) with the coup d’tat of the Arbenz. There he begins to interact with some Cuban colleagues. Another moment he met with Fidel and other colleagues in Mexico was on July 26th. In Mexico, he had already stopped writing to us and stopped telling us what he was doing, and at one point he discovered that he was a prisoner with his comrades a few days before he left for Cuba. Ernesto was finally acquitted on charges of being a communist. As soon as they left, they immediately climbed into the Granma and left. We are convinced that he is making this decision to fight for Cuba’s independence.

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-Who is responsible for the legacy of Che Guevara today?
-I always say that the image of Che appears everywhere because the situation in the world is equal to or worse than the world that Che wanted to change. It is bad in the sense of inequality, inequality, power and man-to-man exploitation. For all that Che has fought, he is the same or worse. His legacy fight. Nothing can be achieved without unity, organization, struggle, decision, strategies. That is the legacy. Of course you need value and ethical quality. Galliano has a beautiful poem where he says Che can’t disappear because he said what he thought. That is the example of Save. We must fight to achieve freedom, sovereignty and liberty if we want to achieve. The road is long and rough.