June 23, 2024

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Chilean judges open criminal case against Sebastian Pinera for Pandora documents

A Chilean judge will begin prosecuting President Sebastian Pinera., For the said connection with him Business done in tax hideouts Reported in Pandora Documents. He has been charged Conflict of interests Between a company of yours and a business with the government. The Chilean prosecutor’s office has decided to open a criminal investigation into the sale of the Domingo Mining Company. In a message to the nation, Pinara said the pro-government decision was not shared.

The green light was activated to place the conservative president under a magnifying glass Seventh Guarantee Court of Santiago, Acknowledged the complaint filed Attorney Louis Renton, Former president of the Student Federation of the University of Chile and environmental lawyer.

The news shook the covers of local newspapers, which already echoed suspicions surrounding the president The Dominga Mining Company is said to have participated in the sale through a tax haven 2010 in the British Virgin Islands.

For those days, Pinera was the first magistrate For the first time, therefore, Negotiation refers to a conflict of interest Pinara denied herself again and again.

What the complaint against Pinora says

From Rendon’s complaint he was charged with “inappropriate negotiation.” “Defendant had an objective interest in the complete completion of the business by the seller and the buyer.”.

“It simply came to our notice then Known facts are fully explored It is also important to have a complainant because the State Attorney’s Office’s investigation has shown that they did not provide the necessary guarantees, “he said during the conference.

After the Pandora Papers scandal, Pinera came out to defend herself. He said in the sale of the mining company that “Chile’s tax rules were strictly adhered to” that the move was “not discussed” and that “every tax was paid on sales”.

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However, the investigation revealed that one of the conditions for conducting such a transaction was The land on which the project is located should not be declared a natural reserve, a decision that depends on the President in Chile.

Pinera defended himself by claiming that he had given all his companies “to a blind faith”. At the time of taking office as President, he assured that he was unaware of this transaction and insisted that he sought to avoid potential conflicts of interest by building trust.

Criminal investigation of the case

In parallel, the prosecutor’s office launched a criminal investigation against him Sale of Minora Dominga A surgery revealed by his children-owned company, Pandora Papers.

“The National Analyst George Abbott, Today, dated October 8, has officially decided to open Criminal investigation into events known as the Pandora Papers and ultimately related to the sale of the Dominga Mining Company, It was Related to President Pinara’s family“, Said Marta Herrera, anti-corruption chief of the prosecutor’s office.

“The National Attorney has made this decision with that in mind At that time the pioneers could hide the characters From Bribery is a crime, In connection with bribery, And Tax offenses in the end, All matters will be investigated in the end, “Herrera said.

Bribery is punishable by up to five years in prison, Herrera said “Intensity of the facts investigated”This case is the responsibility of a regional attorney, rather than a local case. Appointed by Abbott Claudia Perivansic from Valparaாராso.

In a statement from Palacio La Moneta, President Pinera rejected the Attorney General’s decision. “We do not share the decision announced today in the case to start an investigation for a cause that is already known and tried.”

The opposition is promoting a political investigation against Pinara

Representative Bench Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections next week Against the first president.

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Socialist deputy Jaime Naranzo said, “The reasons and grounds for this accusation are baseless For violating the code of ethics and for seriously compromising the dignity of the country“.

For his part, Javier McCoy, leader of the ruling Democratic Union of Democracy (UTI), rejected the move: “It’s not a question of looking at the ceiling, but of being the president of the republic.” “A little acting to die”.

The Pandora DocumentsPublished by ICIJ last Sunday, it is an investigation by the International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which includes more than 330 politicians and government officials worldwide.

In a release last week, three active Latin American presidents were named: Sebastian Pinera, Guillermo Lasso (Ecuador) and Louis Abinader (Dominican Republic). Further 11 former presidents, ministers and senior officials Who used the marine companies in the tax companies to cover up their property and evade taxes.