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Dramatic last days of Gary Coleman from black and white: 10 thousand dollars for a photo of his agony, a blow to the head and many doubts

Dramatic last days of Gary Coleman from black and white: 10 thousand dollars for a photo of his agony, a blow to the head and many doubts
At age 10, Gary Coleman was a TV star with the series Black and White; In real life, everything is very different

On Wednesday, May 26, 2010, at 1:05 p.m., a 911 call was received from a woman: “She’s got blood on her head, blood all over the floor… I don’t know what happened, I don’t know what happened… I only heard a noise, I went down to see, he was on the ground”. At that point, the woman puts a towel over him to stop the bleeding. “There’s blood everywhere, I can’t help it! I have seizures and if I stress I get seizures. Don’t know what to do…”.

Gary Coleman He suffered from congenital kidney disease and underwent dialysis three to four times a week. One of those days, while returning home, he fell down the stairs and hit his head hard. He was immediately admitted to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo.

“Mr. Coleman suffered an intracranial hemorrhage at his home on the afternoon of the 26th. By noon on the 27th he was conscious and lucid, but by mid-afternoon he had lost consciousness and his condition had deteriorated,” hospital spokeswoman Janet Frank explained. Press release. After two days, On Friday, May 28, the actor recalled that victory Black and white– The years are dead. He is only 42 years old.

Gary Coleman was born on February 8, 1968 in Illinois with congenital kidney disease, characterized by nephritis and He underwent a kidney transplant at the age of five. This disease is responsible for stopping its growth at 1.42 m. His path to fame was meteoric. At age six, she was the face of a bank ad and caught the attention of a talent scout who recommended her for a new strip.

Gary Coleman poses with co-stars Dana Plato and Todd Bridges while reading on the set of Different Strokes in 1980.

The sitcom premiered in 1978 Different strokes (Black and white, in several Latin American countries) on NBC. There, 10-year-old Gary was seen playing adorably Arnold JacksonA boy with acid opinions frowned, looked to the side, and raised his lips to pronounce in a thick voice: “What are you talking about, Willis?”.

In the series, Arnold and his brother Willis (Dot bridges), adopted by orphans and Harlem residents Philip Drummond (Conrad Bain), a millionaire widow living in New York with her pre-teen daughter. Kimberly (Dana dish)

Coleman’s minor physical changes stuck with his character at that age. It was difficult for the actor to wear a suit that didn’t suit him. He began to feel like an adult, but he could not tear himself away from the female, plump, flute-voiced image that characterized him every week. Arnold.

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At the age of 14, in full success of comedy, the actor underwent a second kidney transplant, but his body rejected the organ. Desperation made him decide to undergo dialysis for the rest of his life. Every week for the next several years, the treatment was carried out. The consequences are decisive. Their life expectancy decreased and their risk of heart disease increased.

Coleman wants nothing to do with more seasons Black and white. The latter was forced by his parents; He was still small. The series finally stopped airing in 1986 and the spell ended.

Gary Coleman is starting to feel like an adult, but he can’t tear himself away from the boyish, chubby, flute-voiced image (Getty).

But Coleman’s health isn’t the only thing that’s deteriorating: The actor discovered that his bank account contained only $200,000 of the millions he’d billed. In 1989, he sued his parents, and although he won the case, he recovered only $500,000 of his assets. In 1999 he declared bankruptcy. He got a security job in Hollywood.

In 2000, a bus driver asked for his autograph, and in a fit of rage, Coleman sent him to the hospital: paying $1,665 to cover expenses. In 2007, he was delayed for acting in a fight on a public road, and the following year, after an argument, he ran into a young man who was filming him. His temper tantrums became popular.

Some friends met him. In fact, so far they have remembered Anna GrayHis friend and confidante since 1997, singer, producer and interior designer Myal Dion. “People talk behind the scenes, mistreat you and steal from you. “They want to be with me for some reason, or because you’re a celebrity or because they need something from you,” he once told reporters, explaining why he doesn’t have many friends.

Gary Coleman gets a job as a security guard in Hollywood after leaving the media, even if the solution is a problem and ridiculous to viewers.

Tired of living in Los Angeles, in 2005 he moved to the quiet small town of Santonquin in the state of Utah. In early 2007, during the shooting of the film Church Paul met Shannon PriceA redhead 18 years younger and 12 inches tall worked as an extra. “The important thing is not the difference in height, but intelligence,” emphasized the actor. They got married in February 2008.

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However, the couple never ended up tying the knot, and a few months later — in May — they aired their marital problems on the show. Divorce Court. The Shannon actor accused the boy of having a crush, throwing things and banging his head against a wall. Coleman tried to justify himself: “Man is always bad. Not my vision.”

Health continued to decline. October 2009, Utah Valley Hospital. Gary underwent open-heart surgery to replace his aortic valve, which turned out to be long and complicated. “He’s had a lot of open-heart surgeries, but most people don’t know that,” Dion Miel would explain.

Despite the breakup and fights, Coleman and Price continued to live together in their Utah home while the actor waged an all-out battle against his body. On May 26, 2010, they were watching television. She asked him for something to eat. He went to the kitchen. A blow shook the peace of the house. Shannon ran over to find him lying on the ground covered in blood.

In early 2007, while filming a movie, Gary Coleman met Shannon Price, whom he married a few months later.

Ten minutes after the 911 call, a police officer arrived on the scene and checked the wound while waiting for paramedics. Gary is unconscious and doesn’t remember what happened. Around 1:30 p.m., he is loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital. After 24 hours of that admission, Gary is showing some improvement. However, on the evening of 27th, around 4:00 PM, he lost consciousness and had a heart attack, and the medical team struggled to save him.

They were able to revive him, but from that moment on he was unable to breathe and required the assistance of a machine. 48 hours after being admitted to the hospital, his ex-wife, who was with him at the time, was told that he was brain dead and that nothing more could be done. So things, On May 28, 11 minutes after noon, Shannon decided to take off life support.

Coleman named Mayall as executor in 1999 and instructed that his rise “be handled by people who have no financial ties to me and who can see each other in the eye.” However, the document was later changed to Myall Gray (she had stopped frequenting him since she began her relationship with Price) and directly ordered “no funeral, viewing or other ceremonies”.

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Sue Coleman and her husband, Willie, requested custody of their son’s body to be returned to Illinois in 2008 after learning that he had divorced his wife. Coleman had been estranged from his parents for several years. . His parents learned of his hospitalization and death through the media. “We loved him and we know in his heart he loved us,” were Sue’s only words the day Gary died.

A scandalous Gary Coleman boarding school cover

Less than two weeks after the actor’s death The front page of the tabloid Globe featured an image that shocked America. Price can be seen in the last known snapshot of the case, next to the bed where Carey was injected. The woman was immediately accused by Coleman’s family and friends, who continued to sell the photo for profit until she squeezed every opportunity she got.

American Media, the Globe’s parent company, confirmed its acquisition of the film; However, spokeswoman Samantha Trenk did not disclose the price paid or who sold the photo, according to CNN. Although other publications speculated that $10,000 was paid exclusively.

All would not go well for Price, as the headline accompanying the film left no doubt about the theory handled within the publication: “It’s a murder.” Additionally, there was another question surrounding the case: Was she already divorced and in a position to determine the health of an interpreter attached to a ventilator? The medical center confirmed the press’ claims that Price had legal rights to make medical decisions on Coleman’s behalf.

In October of the same year, a Utah court ruled that the actor’s death was accidental and there was no evidence to the contrary.

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