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Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Shot at Campaign Event: Prisoner

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Shot at Campaign Event: Prisoner

Former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, was shot In the middle of this Friday Campaign speech, according to Japanese press. Product of attack, leader He fainted and suffered cardiopulmonary arrest.

The 67-year-old Abe was speaking in the western part of the country at 11:30 (Japan time) when the incident happened. Nara CityReported by the public broadcaster NHK. President Yamato Saitaiji delivered his speech from the street in front of the train station.

At that moment Shinzo Abe collapsed This is an emergency transfer First in the ambulance, Then by helicopter, to Nara Medical University Hospital in Kashihara City. Nara Fire Department officials confirmed the chief was in cardiopulmonary arrest.

In a press conference, Current Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said doctors were fighting to save Abe’s life.. He said it was an unforgivable act. The president confirmed that his predecessor in office was in critical condition. All as a result of what happened Political campaign events were suspended.

CNN echoed the image that was circulated on social networks of the alleged attacker.CNN

According to him Japanese governmentShots are believed to have struck On the right side of your chest and your neck. Initial reports suggest that the politician suffered a chest injury. But police sources InsideCreated NHK at one time The shot was behind.

According to the agency AP, the former prime minister was clutching his chest in a bloodstained shirt as he collapsed. This situation can be seen in broadcast images. The leader also mentioned He was able to speak before losing consciousness.

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A reporter mentioned that there was Two consecutive explosions. Security forces due to this attack A man was arrested. About Tetsuya YamagamiA 41-year-old man had a gun in the area. The international press has reported that the leader No more vital signs Shortly after the attack.

The event was witnessed by high school students The Japanese Times The attacker approached from behind the crowd and fired two shots.

The first shot looked like a toy bazooka, then the man backed off,” said a student. After the attacker fired the second shot, a huge plume of white smoke appeared, he added.

Abe was standing Campaign speech in front Election to upper house of parliament on Sunday. The president was there to support lawmaker Kei Sato, who is seeking re-election in Nara.

According to appointment NHK, Abe had arrived in Nara from Haneda Airport via Osaka. The intention was to express strong support for Liberal Democratic Party candidates (PLD), where it is a part.

fromJapanese government They rated “Unforgivable” attack. In turn, it was reported that the current Prime Minister Fumio KishidaCampaigning in northeastern Japan was halted to return to LDP headquarters in Tokyo.

America Expressed quickly. Ambassador of the country Rahm Emmanuel, He was “saddened and shocked” by the truth. He highlighted Abe’s image, describing him as “Japan’s quintessential leader and unwavering ally”.

Shinzo Abe became important globally due to the principles of Economic revival Then in Japan A devastating tsunami March 2011. In 2020, in the first months of the pandemic, he resigned for a reason Intestinal disease Chronic inflammation.

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At that time, at the age of 65, Japanese leader T Complete Longevity Record As Prime Minister of Japan after several scandals. He has held the post since 2012.

Shinzo Abe resigned his post in 2020 due to health issues.
Shinzo Abe resigned his post in 2020 due to health issues.AFP

After a In 2006-2007 it failed to pass through powerAbridged by the series scandals And because of the same intestinal illness, Abe returned to the head of government as a savior in December 2012. This marks the end of a period in which the centre-left occupied the administration between 2009 and 2012. March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, It caused a nuclear disaster Fukushima.

Abe was known abroad for his strategy Economic revivalKnown as “Abenomics”, From 2012, he mixed Demonetisation, massive budget restructuring and structural reforms.

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