July 13, 2024

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Germany: record number of corona virus cases since the onset of the epidemic | 50,196 new cases in 24 hours

Germany: record number of corona virus cases since the onset of the epidemic |  50,196 new cases in 24 hours

A large number of corona virus infections have been reported daily in Germany since the outbreak., With 50,196 new cases in 24 hours. The country is facing a new wave of epidemics and the local health minister has confirmed it This is the “infection of the unvaccinated”.

This is the first time 50,000 people have been affected in a day In Germany and weeks ago The percentage of people who have been vaccinated has stagnated at 65 percent. Olaf Scholes, the successor to outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel, has expressed concern and called for precautionary measures to curb the rise in cases over the winter.

“We must take the necessary steps to overcome this winter, and this winter we must give our country asylum,” Scholz stressed in parliament, where his party, along with its potential allies in government, put forward new arrangements. Fight the corona virus.

Betting on a possible government alliance Encourage new vaccine campaign, increase testing To encourage early detection And restrictions on those who are not vaccinated, Which has already been imposed in various parts of Germany.

“The first step and most importantly, the maximum number of citizens should not be given in our efforts to be vaccinated. We are not yet convinced that everyone should do that,” Scholes lamented.

“We know what the outcome will be: Infection occurs in a very large number of people who are not vaccinated. That’s what we expect“, He said and warned of a possible collapse of the health system due to the increase in hospitalization.

Restrictions for those who have not been vaccinated

Like some federal states where lawsuits are triggered Saxony, Bavaria or Berlin introduced new restrictions on those not vaccinated, 65 percent of the vaccinated population cannot overcome the barrier.

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The fourth wave of epidemics We are moving forward with the fear that the number of vaccinated people is not enough, ”said Lothar Wheeler, president of the Robert Koch Epidemiological Surveillance Agency last week. Health measures are not respected Must enter public places.

In the capital, people who have not been vaccinated They cannot access terraces, bars, gyms or restaurants without a hairdresser, even if they are tested negative..

In all, nearly 4.9 million people in Germany have been infected with COVID-19 since the outbreak. The country has a population of over 83 million.