June 18, 2024

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Unusual kit for “self-infection” of the corona virus for sale in the Netherlands

Netherlands Closed a large number of pages and accounts on advertised social networks Sale of “self-infectious” tools Govit-19. Objective: Obtain a QR code to cross the disease and enter public places Without vaccination.

As advertised on the page “Yes, I have a corona virus” And sold the amount of fluid infected with the virus to inject into each person. What else, The kit also includes an antigen test to check if the buyer is infected.

In the absence of infection, The seller offers a second packet at the lowest price to complete the “dose””. The equipment was delivered to each buyer’s home and sold for 33.50 euros ($ 37.64) per unit.

A Dutch citizen has a quick test to detect the corona virus.

Finally, They also had detailed instructions on how to properly use the affected object, Buyers are urged to stay home in case of any inconvenience and to comply with all government recommendations.

The main customers of the website Young people seeking a “Govt-19 passport” after passing the disease. The product was able to accumulate a huge demand, mainly due New preventive measures.

According to the latest rules introduced this month, Only those who have been vaccinated or are recovering from Govt-19 can obtain a QR code that allows access to specific public places.

Covit-19 grows in Europe: struggles and riots against new restrictions

“We work very hard to serve both patients and there are companies Trying to spread the virus. This is slander”Said Marina Eckenhouse, Inspector General of the Inspectorate of Health and Youth Care.

In addition, Ekkanhasan Is leading a counter-campaign promoted by the government Strengthening the vaccine message against infection and Explain to the public that “deliberate injection is very dangerous” with the corona virus.

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However, this is not an exclusive product of the Netherlands Similar cases are known in Austria, A country recently Again imposed a general imprisonment Due to the increase in infections and lower vaccination rates.

There are known cases Those who deliberately pay for the disease will receive a certificate of recovery, At least in the case of a 55-year-old man, ended in a dangerous end.


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