June 16, 2024

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Gustavo Pedro’s government pressured Juan Guaido to leave Colombia on a flight to the United States.

Gustavo Pedro’s government pressured Juan Guaido to leave Colombia on a flight to the United States.

Caracas – the point and end of the Colombian odyssey Juan Quito. The former president responsible for Venezuela will not be able to participate in the international conference to be held in Colombia on Tuesday. Forced to board a flight to America. “It’s blackmail,” said opposing sources Nation.

Quaido posted a video on his social networks early in the morning. There, he complained about the treatment given to him by the neighboring government. “The persecution of the dictatorship has unfortunately spread to Colombia,” the president said. He admitted that he traveled to North America because of threats to his family.

Colombian Foreign Minister Alvaro Leyva’s threats came to fruition this way just hours before the start of an international conference promoted by the president. Gustavo Pedro, in which Argentina will participate. “If he doesn’t show up (Guaidó) faces risks because of his inappropriate entry We comply with the laws in Colombia.

The blockade has been tightened to its maximum since the opposition leader announced on Monday morning that he had crossed the border separating the two countries on foot. The Colombian executive has already shown his earlier hatred against Guaidó, who has already been severely disqualified by the coffee ambassador in Caracas, Armando Benedetti, with insults such as “huan” and “asshole”. In a radical turn after the change of government in Colombia, the previous president, Ivan Duque, became Guaidó’s best continental ally.

The Colombian government has gotten away with it, or at least tried to Thunder clouds He hovered over him International conference A few hours before the start in Bogotá. Pedro has strengthened his alliance with Maduro, seeking an easing of U.S. sanctions against the Bolivarian regime, which Caracas has full support for.

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In addition, panic spread among many opposition representatives in Bogotá at the presence of Quito, who thought he might blow up a conference they had hoped but did not attend.

For now, Guido’s family will remain in Caracas, the same sources said.

The initial objective of the former President of the National Assembly was to meet the Venezuelan diaspora in Colombia and some delegates participating in the international conference.

Quito managed to cross the border that divides the Venezuelan state of Tachira with the Colombian department of Norte de Santander, the same route that other opposition leaders followed to exile. From there he continued his journey to Bogotá. He also had a meeting on the agenda with the Venezuelan diaspora, which numbers more than 2.5 million people in Colombia.

Beyond Colombian pressure, opposition sources stepped up Nation Guaidó’s ultimate goal America, a place where part of his family already exists. Representatives of the Unitary Platform-opposition political alliance are in Bogotá, but what will be discussed among the delegates this Tuesday?

Different secrets of Chavismo’s intelligence agencies warned the ex-president in charge of Venezuela that this occasion was about to happen. 50 months of harassment, harassment, assaults and repeated threats. The anti-corruption purge launched at the heart of the revolution saw powerful Bolivarian officials and the military dressed in bright orange prisoners’ uniforms, a stark display of the ruling party’s radical wing, which has pushed for Guaidó’s jailing.

11/21/2022 Juan Guaidó, Venezuelan opposition leader.

At this stage, Guaidó was in hiding Days in Caracas. He was even rumored to have taken refuge in the French Embassy at the last moment. “The regime has again raised threats against me, the aim of which is to silence my voice. I’m not going to let Maduro do that.”Guaidó insisted.

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Losing the mantle of being in charge of the interim government and the democratic National Assembly, leaving the president in a position of maximum weakness, the new opposition was criticized by the majority, led by the centrist Primero Justicia (PJ). End of international supportApart from the United States, which will always be close to his fight, the stakes for the former president of the Democratic Parliament are multiplied.

I will not stop the crimes against humanity that Maduro has ruled. I demand the freedom of the nearly 300 political prisoners in prison, and that they stop persecuting my family, my group and those who are fighting for a better Venezuela,” Quaido added in the statement. Colombian territory.

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