December 3, 2023

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He wrote to his newborn son, and when his wife saw the certificate, she couldn’t believe it: “He’s going to give me something.”

He wrote to his newborn son, and when his wife saw the certificate, she couldn’t believe it: “He’s going to give me something.”

On Twitter, a female name Augustine, had a tendency to name his newborn son. After announcing the birth, she shared the baby’s face on her personal account and a detail that made her emotional. Or surprised him. It turns out that your partner needs to register Registration of National Persons For the newborn, therefore, choose a name that it will carry throughout life.

I sent Francisco and wrote the fat one. Ciro named Lionel and he got a laugh. Something is going to give me”, the woman explained, mentioning the names Lionel Messi and Ciro, his son, two personalities recognized and distinguished by Argentina. And, as if that weren’t enough, the baby’s last name is Fernandez, so it’s followers Tweet attached EnzoAnother world champion.

Agustina confirmed her son’s name and went viral on Twitter

To certify that her text is authentic and that her son has the names of two members of the Messi family, Agustina attached the picture to the document confirming the registration of her name. Cyrus Lionel FernandezThis is followed by several seals and signatures that lend authenticity to the document.

After the story went viral, the creator of the content promised: “Between the two of us we chose the name Ciro. Stop circling.” So, he clarified that the father chose the name unilaterally and surprisingly Lionel.

A photo confirming the name associated with Messi’s family Photo: TWITTER / @ agusolivero10

With 14 thousand Like it And so on Re-tweetUsers have left their comments on a topic that has gone viral due to its significance about two world-renowned names. “How could he miss the last name of Fernandez! I would have named it Enzo Lionel”; And how do you feel about it? My mom still complains to dad that he changed my name when he wrote me. She was going to call me Sofia Paola, but Dad didn’t like Paola, she put Jasmine”; “Look on the bright side: Ciro has a story to tell for life in meetings”; “The same thing happened to me, 11 years ago the surname issue was not regulated, I wanted him to carry only mine, the father came proud that I gave him both surnames, I almost died, even today it is a reason for a discussion ” and “I like the name. I want to know what they talked about”, are the most important answers.

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Meanwhile, the Argentine star arrived in Miami together Antonella Rogusso and their three children, after a relaxing vacation in the Bahamas. Now he is already thinking about next Sunday, where he will be presented as a rookie Inter Miami.