September 27, 2023

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Alberto Fernandez came to India to participate in the G20 summit which was boycotted by China and Russia.

Alberto Fernandez came to India to participate in the G20 summit which was boycotted by China and Russia.
Alberto Fernandez arrived in New Delhi with Santiago Cafiero to participate in India’s G20 tournament.

(Special Envoy to New Delhi) Amid tight security conditions and unrelenting heat, Landed at Alberto Fernandez Bridge Military Airport Joseph Biden and Xi Jinping to begin its participation in the G20 summit invited by India to expose the cold war already being waged.

The President visited with a small entourage consisting of Foreign Affairs Minister Santiago Cafiero, Spokesperson Gabriela Cerruti, Presidential Secretary General Julio Vitobello, and Argentina’s Ambassador to the United States, Jorge Arguello. Sherpa of the G20.

After formal felicitations led by Argentine Ambassador Hugo Gobi and Indian Rural Development Minister Sri Phakansingh Gulasthe, the national team moved at full speed towards the Pullman New Delhi Aerocity Hotel, located minutes from the airport.

From the official car he shared with Kafiro, Alberto Fernandez noticed smoke billowing down the highway. Innumerable posters with pictures of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and soldiers with their automatic weapons are plastered.

Alberto Fernandez was welcomed by Indian government representatives before the start of the G20 summit

Alberto Fernandez was presented with brightly colored pashminas, bouquets and a glass of orange juice by the diplomatic corps from New Delhi and the Indian delegation as he arrived at a five-star hotel reserved by the Indian government. The President greeted with a smile and quickly boarded the elevator that took him non-stop to the sixth floor of the Pullman Hotel.

During his transatlantic flight, the head of state read a few pages from the article “Nation or Community Consciousness” by Marcel Mauss His uncle was the intellectual heir of Emile Durkheim. Alex Roig, President of INAES and a Master in Political Science at the University of Toulouse, recommended the article to Alberto Fernández.

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Mauss wrote a sociological essay that attempted to respond to the dark period Europe and the West lived through at the end of World War I and the beginning of the political tragedy indicated by the Weimar Republic, from the genres of nation and democracy. . During this historical period, economic and social conditions They led to Adolf Hitler becoming the chancellor of Germany.

Alberto Fernández considers Javier Mili to be the political consequence of the lack of answers provided by democracy, implemented through an active and conciliatory state between opposing interests. Precisely, in his essay “The Nation or the sense of the social”, Mauss theorizes that the past (for example, The Weimar Republic) cannot mark the breaking point of democracy and must serve – above all – to avoid and build on the mistakes of the past. New corporate fabric.

At the time, not yet reading Mauss, the head of state compared Milli to Hitler. “It is a threat to democracy, clearly. He pointed out, referring to the leader of La Libertad Avanza. And he added: “Dictators like Adolf Hitler use democracy to achieve government”.

Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping during the G20 Summit in Osaka (Japan)

In addition to reading Mauss and questioning Milei, Alberto Fernandez revised his speeches during the G20 summit. The multilateral forum will meet on Saturday and Sunday and will be the last time the president attends the geopolitical event that brings together major world leaders. When Lula da Silva opens the G20 discussions in 2024 -which Brazil will have to organize-, Alberto Fernandez Balcars will have finished his term in 50.

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The Head of State will have two participation in this G20 which will be convened under the slogan “One Earth, One Family, One Future”. They should not exceed six minutes in total. Unlike the summits in Rome and Bali, Xi Jinping will not be in New Delhi. The communist leader — a quiet ally of Vladimir Putin — will play close to Biden in response to Modi’s geopolitical decision. have to China in Asia.

Not only does Xi deny US global power and support Putin in his illegal war against Russia: he has also facilitated the entry of Argentina, Iran and Saudi Arabia into BRICS. This multilateral forum will be an important part of strengthening China and reduce White House influence in Latin America and the Middle East.

In his speeches, Alberto Fernández will defend his decision to include Argentina in the BRICS system, he will question the current rules of the game of the International Financial System and warn about the social and economic consequences of climate change.

The President will also address the need to ensure global food and energy security Recognizing the validity of human rights as a fundamental value of a democratic system, In a clear message for program positions defended by Miley and her partner Victoria Villaruel.

Alberto Fernandez and Joseph Biden during an official meeting at the White House

During the G20 summit, Alberto Fernandez plans to hold bilateral meetings Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina, Sheikh of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed Bin Saeed Al Nahyan and President of the Republic of Korea, Yoon Suk Yeol. He will also meet the Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi, President of Brazil Lula da Silva, And nigerian title, Paul Ahmed.

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however, At the Foreign Ministry they did not rule out the possibility of informal meetings of the head of state with Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholes and Biden. A common diplomatic practice in these global forums, it is reinforced by the current bellicose stance taken by China in support of Russia.