June 18, 2024

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War Russia – Ukraine, live: Conflict and minute by minute latest news

Reuters reports that two missiles were fired early Saturday morning south of the Ukrainian capital. According to the Kiev government, one of the missiles hit a residential building and the other hit the area near Juliani airport.

According to pictures of the building circulating in the networks, the structure of many apartment buildings has been severely affected. The CNN team reported that there was still smoke in the air.

Heavily damaged building in southern Kiev, Ukraine.

Russia controlled the city of Melidopol, also known as Zaporizhia, in southern Ukraine. Russian Defense Minister Igor Konashenkov told the BBC that the news had been retold based on information from the Interfox agency.

“Russian authorities have taken all measures Ensure the safety of residents And Preventing provocations Ukrainian and nationalist forces, “Konashenkov said.

Melidopol is a medium-sized city close to the port of Mariupol.

This is the statement of the retaliatory military command Volodymyr Zhelensky. Seized 200 prisoners.

Also, the Armed Forces pointed it out They caused the loss of 14 planes, 8 helicopters and 102 tanks to Russia.

President of the United States Joe Biden Advised his Secretary of State. Anthony BlingenThat amount must be released To give Immediate assistance to Ukraine In terms of safety and security.

According to a White House report, the decision was made after Biden’s meeting 40-minute conversation with Zhelensky This Friday morning.

Volodymyr Zhelensky spoke with them early on Saturday President of France Emmanuel Macron. I add: “Our comrades’ weapons and equipment go to Ukraine. The anti-war coalition is working. ”

In the new video, the president Volodymyr Zhelensky denied that he had asked Ukrainian soldiers to surrender to Russian troops. “Do not believe everything that is said. I’m here, “he said.

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Zhelensky recorded the video from the street A well-known art building in Kiev, on the outskirts of Gorodetsky’s house, is located directly opposite the presidential office.

This was stated by the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. “The enemy has repeatedly used operational and tactical aircraft in areas Yuhsny and OdessaAt the aerodrome In civil infrastructure facilities in the Ocher and Kiev region“, Under control.

Through a post on Facebook, the company pointed out Russia started To do “Re-establish reserve sections in border areas” Troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in eastern Ukraine and in the northern part of the Kiev region “continue to carry out airstrikes on airports.

“They happened Private airstrikes in Sumi, Boltawa and Mariupol districts. The enemy flew from the Black Sea Ship missiles Caliber Naval Base, ”he added.

In that sense, Ukriana pointed out To prevent attacks And pointed out that he carries “formal animosities.” Fire damage “to create enemy manpower And military equipment ”, especially R.Kiev, Chernivtsi and Kherson regions.

“Conducts a combined force Defensive action And maintaining positions along the entire border, ”they added.

Myhailo Podoliak, an adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, said the current government would establish its own terms if possible talks with Russia.

The official denied that the country was in a weak position after the invasion.

According to the latest reports from the BBC, the missile was launched from the Black Sea.

Airstrikes have been reported in different parts of the capital and elsewhere, and are part of an escalation of the violence.

After Putin’s decision to invade the country, Kiev launched its third day of war. More than 50 explosions have been reported in the capital, according to The Independent of Kiev. The sound of gunfire can be heard in the streets of the city.

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However, Secretary of Defense Oleksi Danilov confirmed that the city was under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. “We stop the crowd [de soldados rusos] They use all possible means.

The situation is dramatic after President Zhelensky issued a statement on Friday in which he acknowledged that the capital could collapse.

Kiev is under attack.
Kiev is under attack.Reuters

The local government of Kiev did a Residents of the capital are invited to stay home Due to the fighting in the streets between the Russian and Ukrainian forces.

Also, citizens were nominated If the siren sounds, go to the shelter immediately The alarm is issued by the international company Interfax.

“There are animosities on the streets of our city. We urge you to remain calm and take necessary precautionary measures. If you are in a shelter, do not leave it. If you are at home, do not approach the windows and do not go outside to the balconies, ”the report says.

The Kiev government, in the midst of a war situation, dCurfew order from 10pm to 7am.

The U.S. government has announced that it is ready to help Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky leave Kiev before Russian troops come to power.

The Washington Post quoted US and Ukrainian sources as saying.

However, so far Zhelensky has denied.

The human rights organization said Hospitals were bombed. He noted that since the beginning of the invasion, Russian troops are believed to have killed at least six civilians and wounded at least a dozen.

According to the organization, Indiscriminate attacks are a violation of international humanitarian law And may be war crimes.

Amnesty International warns of possible war crimes
Amnesty International warns of possible war crimes

“The Russian military has shown The blatant neglect of civilian life by the use of ballistic missiles and other explosives with wide-ranging effects In densely populated areas. Some of these attacks may have been war crimes, ”said Agnes Kalmer, secretary general of Amnesty International.

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Finished by the Ukrainian Armed Forces Defeat the attack on a military unit in Kiev and get rid of itAs stated by the military command on Facebook.

According to the report, the soldiers’ attempted attack a Site located on Permohi Avenue.

Illuminated this Friday Buenos Aires obelisk with yellow and blue colors It makes the flag of Ukraine.

Buenos Aires obelisk with the colors of Ukraine.
Buenos Aires obelisk with the colors of Ukraine.GCPA

Initiative approved by the Buenos Aires City Government, a Expression of unity With the demand for peace and a ceasefire in the country and peace invaded by the Russian Federation.

After the meeting of the United Nations Security Council, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Cutters Wrote another message in it Demanded that Russian troops return to their companies Original.

In this video taken from the ONUTV video, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres speaks at an emergency UN Security Council meeting in Ukraine on February 23, 2022, at the agency's headquarters, condemning Russia's actions in Ukraine and calling for diplomatic action.  (AP via ONUTV)
In this video taken from the ONUTV video, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres speaks at an emergency UN Security Council meeting in Ukraine on February 23, 2022, at the agency’s headquarters, condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine and calling for diplomatic action. (AP via ONUTV)

To give peace another chance“That goal was not achieved today,” Guterres said, recalling that the United Nations had risen to put an end to the war.

The Special Communications Service said there had been clashes In the east of KievIn the district Troychina Where is CHP-6 Power Station. The attempt is considered a Russian attempt to seize the city Electricity.

“The armed forces are proposing a war,” Ukrainian officials said.

Artillery attacks Heard miles away, coupled with growing volume Explosions In that area.

In addition, a fight has been recorded on the runway near Vasilkiv, from where it is thought that Russian paratroopers may launch a Russian offensive in Kiev to pick up the BBC slogan.