June 6, 2023

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“It’s embarrassing”: A teenager’s reaction to seeing what his mother’s ex-partner did at the cemetery

A fact Otherwise it is reprehensible that it happened Cemetery of Tappan Reformed Church, Orangetown, New York. After this, a 68-year-old man was arrested He urinated on the grave of his wife who died in 2017.

“They were married and separated for a very short time”, Deceased’s son, Michael Andrew Murphy, announced. “It broke my heart, this man left poop and urine bags on my mom’s grave for years. We have weeks and months of evidence through the videos,” he revealed.

The accused is summoned Dean Eichler and 68 years old. After seeing the pictures, the Orange Town police called him to investigate the motive. “You can be charged with desecrating a grave, theft or conspiracy or vandalizing a grave.But in New York only if the damages and repairs exceed $250,” the officials noted.

Murphy, the victim’s son at his mother’s grave.

“They loved our mother,” Murphy said DailyVoiceand added it Eichler’s family had long been estranged from him and his second wife. “His family chose my mother over his wife. He said everyone was dead to him. That’s probably where the animosity comes from. Michael provided the details New York Post On how to find him: “I was shaking while I was hiding. my sister She is crying, I was sick, I was very angry. Noting that Eichler’s wife appeared to accompany him in the car every morning, Murphy added:I can’t take my wife out for dinner, but this guy comes with his wife every morning to desecrate my mother’s ashes.”.

Murphy said they don’t know how long Eichler has been desecrating their mother’s grave. He could have done it within five years of her death. This is embarrassing for me and my family,” he said ABC 7. “It was hard to sleep. I don’t care who you are. It should make you sick. “What is happening to our mother is terrible,” he concluded.

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He finds human bones in his garden and can’t believe who left them there

Ann Mathers, an 88-year-old woman DudleyEngland, one behind Cemetery, He found a large number of human bones in the patio of his house: skulls, femurs and jaws among them. She quickly called her son in distress, who contacted the local police, who decided to cordon off the house as if it were a crime scene.

“We didn’t realize how bad it would make the situation,” Lorraine Lloyd told the local detective service: “Since then, she’s had femurs, skulls, lower chins, jaws, you name it. The garden. What you see are people’s families, people’s loved ones, it’s horrible”.

Ann Mathers found the remains of human bones in her yard in Dudley
Ann Mathers found the remains of human bones in her yard in Dudley

Everything is explained by actions Badgers, Carnivorous mammalsApproaching the cemetery outside Providence Baptist Church, he would dig up human remains and place them in Dudley’s neighbor’s yard.

However, the problem is huge because these animals are protected by law and any decision taken must be coldly planned. One of those who spoke about it Councilor Shaz Salimwho worked to solve the problem with these animals: “As badgers are a protected species, We are also in the process of securing the services of a qualified ecologist to assist us“, he said without a clear resolution to the conflict.