March 23, 2023

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Japan discovers 7,000 unknown islands

The Ogi Islands are located in the Sea of ​​Japan, about 50 kilometers from the main island. It was declared a UNESCO Geopark in 2013. Tokyo has discovered more than 7,000 “new” islands to add to its territory (Getty).

The Japanese archipelago has a total of 14,125 islands, more than double the official figure previously available, the results of which were announced a few days ago. Japan Geoinformation Commission (GSI). Exactly 7,272 islands were added to the historical figure.

Last counted since 1987 Japan Total was 6,852 islandsHowever, the GSI According to a report released today, topography has taken a new shape due to advances in technology and digitization of maps. That official body recently discovered that there are 14,125 islands in Japanese territory, more than double the number officially handled from a 1987 report by the Japan Coast Guard.

The new figure does not represent any change in the size of Japan’s territory or the country’s territorial waters, replacing what it was 35 years ago, which was reached after a calculation. Coast Guard Japan from all Japanese islands with a radius of at least 100 meters.

Overall, GSI was detected automatically 120,729 islands, however, it rejected those that did not reach the above circumference. Or they are artificially constructed when compared to previous maps.

The definition of ‘islands’ is based on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, but there is no international agreement on how to count islands, so we count land with a circumference of 0.1 km or more that is naturally formed.”, GSI explained.

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The number does not include islands in lakes or rivers.

The islands surrounding that nation have been the focus of several territorial conflicts with neighboring countries. Japan Claim the islands Kuril South, in Russian hands, this Tokyo Names Northern TerritoriesA controversy from the failure of an exceptional enterprise at the end of World War II when Soviet troops seized it from a country in disarray.

In addition to that, Japan It also claims that uninhabited islands have a historical right SengakuIt contains East China SeaHe currently manages, but China He has denied the request several times. Not only these maritime disputes but also the tension between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Japan And South Korea The so-called group of islands has been locked in a dispute for more than 70 years over its sovereignty Docto By Seoul And Takeshima By Tokyo It contains Sea of ​​JapanKorea is calling East Sea.

(with information from EFE and international media)-

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