November 30, 2022

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Lula da Silva’s wedding: banned cell phones, party expenses and Argentine red wine

Rio de Janeiro.- Former President and Candidate in the midst of his campaign for the presidency of Brazil Luis Inacio Lula da Silva He retired from the political agenda this Wednesday to celebrate his marriage to a sociologist Rosangala da Silva, also known as Janja. The two posted on their social networks to celebrate the union in Sao Paulo.

Lula released a video in which she speaks of “falling in love” at various political events, and Janja releases a love message for her fianc. “There is no one happier than you and me. Today is the day to celebrate our love. May the wind bless us and remove all evil from us! ”.

This is what I knew at the party last night.

A few minutes after 7:30 pm, a photo of the bride in a white dress spread on the network. Capture, according to reports, by PT photographer Ricardo Stuckert. As you can see in the picture Sociologist modeling an embroidered dress on the helipad of the Sao Paulo Tower.

Finally, just after 10pm (Argentina time), the former head of state of Brazil and PT’s current presidential candidate shared the last photo on his Instagram profile, where he can see the microphone at the height of his mouth. The ring slipped on Janja’s ring finger.

Lula and Janja set the criteria for maintaining friendships with the guest couple. Initially with 150 people, The final list exceeded 200. The names of Lula’s campaign leaders, such as former supporters of the Labor Party (PT) and co-ordinator Jose Guimaraes, as well as former minister Zé Dirceu, have been omitted.

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Chico Buarque and Carol Proner have already announced to guests that they will not be attending as they are in Europe. Other artists, like Daniela Mercury and his wife Malu Versosa confirmed their presenceAs well as the Chef Bella Gill. The bride and groom made sure to call all the staff and security guards working around the couple.

Luis Inacio Lula da Silva with Rosangala da Silva. (Photo: CARL DE SOUZA / AFP)Carl de Sousa – AFP

Cell phones were banned from show staff and guests. The recommendation of the invitation is that people at the party should “stay away from cell phones”. There was a place for people to leave their devices before entering the event. Photography is not allowed on the site.

The details of the party were arranged by Janja himself. The bride and groom prepared in separate places to meet at the banquet and the wedding took place in the traditional manner throughout the day.

For dinner, the couple chose Brazilian sparkling wine Cave Case Fruit, priced at around 130 Rice (about $ 26). There will also be an alcohol menu White wine Freixenet SauvignonA bottle of 60 Rice ($ 12), Argentine Red Wine Boro Colghero Blend MalbecFrom around 80 Rice ($ 16) Unit, in addition Heineken beer.

Lula’s press office said the couple would fund the event with their own resources, but did not say how much would be spent. Journalist Leo Dias even posted it in his column on the Metropolis website The event will cost 100,000 rice (just over $ 20,000). It doesn’t cost much, ” the former president’s team said casually.

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Lula did not have the written text for her wedding, so she made progress, while Janja prepared her vows.

The couple will not go on a honeymoon trip. They are supposed to take a few days off after a party in So Paulo, after which Lula resumes her campaign schedule.

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